As the holidays creep closer and closer, you may be feeling the pressure to get your gifts juuuust right. While we probably can’t help you find something for your sports-obsessed friends, we can surely help with the theatre lovers in your life. Read on for a few last-minute, theatre-centric gift ideas for friends, family, crew, or castmates.

Season tickets to their favorite performing arts company 

If you want to pull out all the stops and support the theatre along the way, consider buying season tickets for your local performing arts company. A bit pricey, maybe, but it means boundless entertainment options for your friend. And hey, maybe you can tag along to some of those shows, right? 

Tickets to a show

If purchasing tickets for an entire season is a little out of budget, try tickets to just one show. Take a look at local theatres and performing arts companies around you to see what’s playing.

Backstage tours

Perfect for true theatre enthusiasts, techies, or actors, backstage tours are a fun and interactive way to get behind the scenes of your favorite passion. 

Merchandise from local shows or national tours 

Find out what your theatre-lover’s favorite show is, then splurge on Broadway merch. If they’re huge fans of a local theatre, head to its show website to see what merch it offers instead. 

Auctioned set pieces 

While this one might be a bit trickier to pull off, the payoff will be great! Do some research into shows that are closing, and see if they plan to auction off or sell any props, set pieces, or costumes. If your budget allows, bid on the items you think they’d like best! 

Donations to the theatre of their choice

Whether they’re a loyal patron of the local theatre, a performing arts center, or a non-profit supporting the arts, consider making a donation in their name for the holidays.

Posters or programs from their favorite shows

A great design addition to a theatre-lover’s home, getting a poster or collection of programs from a beloved show is both sentimental and practical if they’re got space on their walls! 

Tech equipment for those behind-the-scenes

This one may require some guidance from your techie theatre friends, but consider buying items your recipient may need for work if they’re a backstage expert. 

Books/plays that their favorite musicals are based upon

If you know your theatre-lover’s favorite musical, do some research into the history behind it. Many beloved shows were based on books, novellas, plays, and even poems. Purchase those pieces of literature and let your friend fall even more in love with their favorite piece.


If your gift recipient enjoys sitting on the couch to catch up on theatrical performances, a TV subscription could be just the ticket this holiday season. Consider channels like BroadwayHD or the Criterion Channel for film buffs. 

General theatre must-haves 

If you’ve got a dedicated actor or dancer to shop for, they may just need some bare essentials – like character shoes, tights, leotards, or warm-up clothes. While you may think these are a little boring, your recipient will surely be grateful if their items are getting worn down. 

A general wellness goodie bag 

This one’s perfect for those in the throes of rehearsals. Make a goodie bag, equipped with throat coat tea, Emergen-C, socks, face masks, or even a gift certificate to a spa. Self-care is an excellent gift to give~ 

Belt Box 

Perfect for performers and singers who live in tight quarters, the Beltbox muffles singers’ voices when they need to practice full-out … but remain respectful to neighbors. 

Board games with musical theatre themes

If you’ve got a board game enthusiast in your life who also loves theatre, look into games that combine these interests! Options include the Cards Against Humanity Theatre Pack or the Bards Dispense Profanity Party Game – for adults only, of course! 

Ticket stub organizer or a theatre scrapbook

If you’re a lover of all things D-I-Y, consider collecting ticket stubs, programs, and other mementos from shows and creating a scrapbook or an organized booklet for your recipient. Sentimental gifts are never a bad idea and often make the biggest impact.

On The Stage 

Another great gift for the theatre-makers in your life? Introducing them to On The Stage, which offers an all-in-one technology platform that can help with everything from audience engagement to ticket sales, marketing, artwork, simple reporting, and fundraising. Get started by booking a personal demo today. Happy holidays!