With warmer weather here to stay for a few months, theatres can plan to expand on their virtual productions with the addition of outdoor shows. Plus, you can film or live-stream the production to keep your online audience in the mix and show off your theatre’s adaptability.

Keep the cast at ten and under with limited set locations, and you have the makings for a great outdoor theater experience. Here are seven shows perfect for outdoor performances.

1. The Andrews Brothers

Category: Musical

Genre: Jukebox/ Slapstick Comedy

Run Time: 1 hr, 50

Cast size: 1M, 3F

Other details: Much like Marilyn Monroe, Bing Crosby, and Bob Hope in Some Like it Hot, World War II nostalgia, cross-dressing, mistaken identities, comedic situations, and the music of a generation fuel the fun.

Playwright: Roger Bean

Synopsis: When the Andrews Sisters cancel their USO performance because of a Chickenpox outbreak, three willing stagehands come to the rescue, masquerading as Peggy Jones’ backup singers. The brothers perform some of the Andrews Sisters’ greatest hits with a host of hi-jinx and hilarity.

Recommendation: The antics of slapstick comedy and nostalgic music combine to make this play an engaging and memorable outdoor theatre experience.

2. Alice in Wonderland: Down The Rabbit Hole

Category: Play

Genre: Comedy/ TYA

Run time: 90 minutes

Cast size: 9F, 1M (Flexible)

Other details: Alice fans will love this magical show full of adventure, curiosity, madness, coming of age, and unbirthdays.

Playwright: Mark Landon Smith

Synopsis: Smith’s adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland follows the restless birthday girl, Alice, as she chases a busy bunny and ends up in its fantastical world, encountering the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, and the mercurial Queen of Hearts.

Recommendation: This familiar story with a unique twist is a perfect play for outdoor performances that delight young audiences.

3. Camp Rolling Hills

Category: Original Musical/ TYA

Genre: Coming of Age

Run Time: 1 hr 45 min

Cast size: 8F, 8M (Flexible)

Other details: Remember feeling like a fish out of water at summer camp? All those memories will come rushing back.

Playwright: Book & Lyrics by David Spiegel & Stacy Davidowitz

Music & Lyrics by Adam Spiegel

Synopsis: Robert Benjamin’s parents are separating, and he’s going to summer camp for the first time. He’d rather be home playing baseball. Not in some weird place with a bunch of kids he doesn’t know. But what Robert doesn’t know is that this is the first summer of the rest of his life.

Recommendation: Pack up your trunks and head to Camp Rolling Hills, where new friendships and first loves make for excellent outdoor summer theatre.

4. The Jungle Book

Category: Drama/ TYA

Genre: Coming of Age

Run Time: 75 min

Cast sibze: 5F, 6M (Flexible)

Other details: Baloo, the bear, narrates this new take on the beloved children’s story featuring masks, puppets, and contemporary elements.

Playwright: Briandaniel Oglesby

Synopsis: This living storybook adaptation of The Jungle Book follows Mowgli as he struggles to fit in, find his family, and contend with Kaa and Sheer Khan. With the help of his besties, Baloo and Bagheera, Mowgli’s search comes to a happy conclusion.

Recommendation: Summer fun for the whole family with themes including coming of age, family bonds, class distinction, courage, and revenge.

5. Route 66

Category: Musical

Genre: Jukebox Review

Run Time: 1 hr 45 min

Cast size: 4M (Flexible)

Other details: This fun in the sun show features 34 of the greatest rockin-road hits of the 20th century, including “Dead Man’s Curve,” “King of the Road,” “Little GTO,” and “Little Old Lady from Pasadena.”

Playwright: Roger Bean

Synopsis: A large car radio narrates the journey from Chicago, where Route 66 begins, then takes the audience on a nostalgic road trip traveling along the famed “Main Street of America,” all the way to the sunny California coast.

Recommendation: Get your kicks traveling from Chicago to the California coast, serenaded by the surf music of the 1960s with this smash coast-to-coast hit musical revue.

6. Sasquatched! The Musical

Category: Musical

Genre: Family / TYA

Run Time: 1 hr 40 min

Cast size: 4F, 7M, 1 Child (Flexible)

Other details: Fantasy and mythology blend themes of prejudice, acceptance, friendship, and freedom.

Playwright: Book, Music & Lyrics by Phil Darg

Synopsis: A small boy named Sam gets lost in the woods and comes face-to-face with Bigfoot, who, as it turns out, is friendly and has a name, Arthur. They form a great friendship as they search for their families and navigate their way around opportunists who want to capture a Sasquatch.

Recommendation: Take a musical romp in the Pacific Northwest woods to meet Sasquatch, the legend.

7. The Secrets of Wildest Neverland

Category: Adaptation

Genre: School

Run Time: 1hr 30min

Cast size: 23F, 13M, 4 F/M

Other details: This very loose adaptation is flexible for 30 or 40 minutes or a full-length play with a 10-15 minute intermission. In any case, the final play must be Adieu.

Playwright: Jon Jory

Synopsis: Find out what happens when mermaids, Smee, and some cranky crocodiles have their say. Here’s a look at the world of Peter Pan and what goes on when no one is looking.

Recommendation: A fun mash-up of favorite childhood characters, perfect for an outdoor high school theatre performance.

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