One of a theatre-makers main goals should always be creating a great show, of course, but what about getting eyes on that show? If you aren’t quite satisfied with the numbers in your auditorium come time for curtains up, On The Stage has a few suggestions to get more patrons in your seats.

1. Utilize your contacts

Your first line of action when promoting a show should be harnessing the power of your contacts database. Deploy targeted email blasts and mail out (or hang up) printed flyers to spread the word about your show.

Within your digital and print campaigns, ensure you keep things bite-sized and to the point – peoples’ attention spans are shortening by the day, even with dynamic marketing practices.

2. Offer incentives

Don’t be afraid to sweeten the pot to get people to come to your shows. (After all, once they see how great your theatre is, they won’t need any extra incentives!)

Study your data and brainstorm what types of offerings would most appeal to your target demographics. Consider options like merchandise giveaways to the first handful of ticket buyers, alongside loyalty programs or bring-a-friend/early bird discounts.

3. Capitalize on your social media presence 

You’ve likely taken great pains to ensure your social media platforms are brimming with content. Alongside sharpening and defining the image of your theatre, your social accounts can act as vehicles to fill up your auditorium come showtime.

Whether you make a Facebook events page, interact with followers, purchase sponsored space on Instagram, or blast your show’s poster on Twitter, social media utilization is a one way ticket to a sold-out show.

4. Approach local media and community partners 

Most great accomplishments are done as a team – so don’t be afraid to ask for help! Partner up with contacts in the community, like schools, businesses, and other like-minded creators, to help spread the word about your productions.

Additionally, touch base with local news stations, magazines, newspapers, and blogs to inquire about interview slots or ad spots. Be mindful of different timelines – for newspapers/news stations, you can check in fairly close to your show. But for magazines and other print journalism, make sure you plan ahead. Remember – it never hurts to ask. That attitude that can lead to strong partnerships down the road.

5. Provide a seamless ticketing experience

The last thing consumers want to worry about when they’re out for a night on the town is a complicated ticketing experience. Providing a seamless transaction – from ticket purchase to seat selection to ticket scanning  – will ensure more guests become loyal patrons.

When people visit your site, ensure your ticketing page offers an accurate, detailed representation of your venue for seat selection. Alongside that, consider offering tiered ticketing options for greater accessibility – and whether you’ll be offering general admission or reserved seating. All in all, operating with the goal to create a fast, simple ticketing experience is an ideal way to get more guests to your shows.

On The Stage’s Seating Chart EDITOR

Now that you’ve got a variety of avenues to achieve a full house, it’s time to seat your guests! If you’re on the hunt for ways to make the ticket buying components of your timeline easier and more digestible for yourself and for your patrons, consider using On The Stage’s easy-to-use, yet robust, Seating Chart Editor. This tool includes advanced features and a flexible design that was designed with the goal of elevating the box office user experience. The Seating Chart Editor allows you to:

  • Accurate create a representation of your venue space and seating options
  • Curve rows
  • Include custom spacing between seats in a row
  • Add text and shapes to the seating chart
  • Preview the final patron view as an editor for maximum visibility
  • Offer tiered pricing based on seat type or location
  • Drag a row to add or remove seats
  • And more!

If you’re ready to elevate your theatre experience and streamline the ticketing process, book a personalized demo with On The Stage today.