Maybe you already have a season ticket subscriber base. Maybe it’s been getting smaller every year and you’re not sure what to do. Or maybe you’ve been thinking about starting or restarting subscription packages or even canceling the program. If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to keep your season subscriptions, we’re here to tell you that subscriptions are key for your theatre’s success. 

Theatre Audiences Benefit from season subscriptions

For your audience members, being a season ticket subscriber comes with a lot of advantages, and the primary perk is usually the discounted tickets. Subscriber packages are priced at a major discount compared to the regular price of an individual ticket, but the catch is that subscribers have to pay for them all upfront. (Or do they? We’ve also seen payment plans for season ticket packages, so that is another perk you might consider offering your audience.) Buying season tickets with set dates give your audience something to look forward to and plan their schedule around. And because your subscribers tend to be your theatre’s biggest fans, offering season ticket packages ensures that they won’t miss a thing at your theatre! And for some theatres, having a punch card or a flex pass is a great alternative or addition to traditional subscription packages.


 Theatre Subscriptions Can Include Perks and Other Exclusive Benefits

Depending on the capacity and resources at your company, other perks you can offer with season subscriptions include seating preferences, no-fee ticket exchanges, complimentary or discounted concessions, and theatre tours. Can you offer discounted parking or partner with a nearby business for discounts on their parking? When you have special events, you can run a pre-sale to your subscribers before the tickets on sale to the general public. Are there restaurants you can partner with for discounts for dinner and a show or after-show drinks? Brainstorm other upgrades you can offer your subscribers to give them the experience they expect from a high-level theatre. You can poll your subscribers to see what else they would like to receive for being a subscriber, and you can also poll your general audience to find out what would make a season package irresistible to them.


Theatre Subscriptions Benefit Your Theatre Financially

So now that you’ve considered the many ways that subscriptions are great for your audience, what’s in it for your company? Answer: So much! Season tickets elevate your theatre’s brand because 1) you have a full season you’re pre-selling and 2) you demonstrate the capacity to cultivate a subscriber base and offer special perks, and all of this legitimizes your company.=

With successful subscription packages, you’ll be cultivating a loyal group of fans of your theatre who love coming back and hopefully with friends in tow. When you have season packages, you get your ticket funds upfront, which will help you budget your year better and cover expenses ahead of time. If your subscribers have set dates when they’re attending, you’ll know which shows are going to have more availability, so you can structure your flash sales and other promotions accordingly. 

At On the Stage, we are committed to your theatre’s success. Our digital tools for ticketing —including subscription packages—are easy to use on both the admin and audience-facing sides, allowing you to focus on creating amazing theatre and serving your audience. Learn more by booking a demo of our audience engagement tools today.


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