Creators are continually searching for innovative ways to elevate their performances. One sure-fire method to take a show to that next level is through technological upgrades. Whether these are on the back-end through ticketing software or upgrades that are integral to the show itself, improvements are well within reach to breathe new life into your performances.

Employ Digital Ticketing

One of the key approaches to upgrading the back-end of your theater is by streamlining the ticketing process to align more clearly with customer standards. Doing away with or minimizing physical ticket sales prior to the show/at the door and, instead, pivoting to online sales has a variety of benefits, including:

  • Saving time and money on both physical assets like paper and labor for volunteers, actors or crew to sell tickets in-person 
  • Freeing up time to focus on what matters: the art and putting together your show
  • Ridding performance nights of another variable that can cause stress 
  • Granting your theater wider access to potential audience members instead of relying on word of mouth or personal relationships 
  • Creating a digital payment system for easier reconciliation 

Amplify Your Sound

A show won’t succeed if the audience can’t connect with the actors. Taking the steps to improve your sound quality and output is integral to raising the bar on a performance. Some ways to improve your sound output include:

  • Transitioning from corded microphones to cordless microphones, which increases your actors’ abilities to move about the stage and interact more organically
  • Upgrading from cordless mics to mic-packs, or from lower-end packs to seamless mics for a more professional appearance and a crisper sound
  • Upgrading the microphones surrounding the stage and/or the speaker system around the theater itself for optimal sound engineering 

Perfect Your Lighting

A simple way to make your performance look and feel more professional is through lighting upgrades. Ideas to improve lighting include:

  • Renting upgraded lights or switchers for special programming. If you want a more permanent solution, On The Stage offers ideas on how to secure new equipment for your department through fundraising and community partnerships.
  • Enhancing the mood of the show by springing for color lighting or eye-catching patterns for your background. (However, ensure that these contributions add to the show instead of distracting the audience members!) 

Upgrade Your Set 

After tightening up your sound and lighting, it’s time to enhance your set pieces and the overall appearance of your show. Some ideas include:

  • Renting or purchasing a 3D printer to help with backdrops, making the stage look more sophisticated while cutting down on workload for actors and crew. 3D printers can also assist with quick and easy prop production. (Remember – 3D printers can be used in a variety of markets, so consider splitting the cost with community partners or others involved in your school or company.) 
  • Investing in more complicated rigging procedures, or upgrading from manual to automation rigging for seamless transitions in your show

If you’re looking for ways to deliver the most high-quality theater performance on a budget, don’t miss One The Stage’s webinar on the subject. There, you’ll hear from industry experts about using basic theater technology to wow your audiences. 


No matter the equipment you’ve got on hand, there are always innovative ways to take your show to the next level. On The Stage offers the solutions to get you there.  

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