There are numerous advantages to utilizing an in-house marketing team of students for your next theatrical production. Along with preparing students for jobs in the real world, you can harness their energy, enthusiasm and individual social networks to grow your audience. Keep reading for more reasons why a student marketing team is a smart choice. 

Drive Organic Marketing

Organic marketing should be a benchmark for all shows. With a student marketing team, you’ve got a swarm of people ready to get the word out. First off, your students can spread positive word of mouth information about your show, which requires nothing but enthusiasm. 

Secondly, you can’t underestimate the power of native marketing via social media. Students today have virtually every form of digital media at their fingertips – which means more organic marketing for your show. If you’re not sure about the type of assets you should be using to promote your production, On The Stage offers help with everything you need to showcase your work. Visit our templated show art gallery to get inspired for posters, shirts, social media posts and much more.

Save Money

If you’re worried about your bottom line, allowing students to take the lead with marketing saves you stress on the financial side of things. Students can spread information about your production through very little work of their own and zero capital necessary. Less money used in marketing efforts means more money used for other important facets of your show – like production costs, costumes and tech upgrades.  

Gain a Broader Reach 

It’s no secret that students are social. Through a student marketing team, you give yourself a variety of individual networks to tap, meaning more eyes on your work.

The bigger your student marketing team, the more networks you gain access to. Along with increasing the reach for your show, these networks could lend themselves to the possibility of community partners. The domino effect equals more funding down the line for you. 

Increase Enthusiasm

Marketing for your show through a student team gives you the opportunity to create and harness enthusiasm – both in your cast and in your community.

One easy way to do this is through a ticket selling contest – which doesn’t hurt your bottom line and gets more people excited about your work. On The Stage offers a step-by-step guide to creating and perfectly executing a ticket selling contest. The checklist is simple: 

  • Set your goal – Let students know what you expect over the course of the contest.
  • Create an incentive – A prize or reward for the student who sells the most tickets is a sure-fire way to amp up the excitement.
  • Define the rules – Set up parameters to ensure success.
  • Build your system – Get technical elements into place. On The Stage can help!
  • Track your results – Create a report to see how things shook out, then celebrate a job well done.

Prepare Students for The Big Leagues

Student marketers, which save you money and build your outbound network, also gain something from taking the reins: experience for the future.

On The Stage can help student marketing teams succeed through a variety of avenues. From learning to create custom fundraising pages to helping with ticketing, promotion, domains and email lists, OTS offers everything for a crash course in marketing. Win-win.


If you’re reading to ramp up your marketing efforts for the next production, book a demo with On The Stage now. 

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