No matter the size or breadth of your theatrical organization, establishing box office best practices is essential for your production. Not only are these practices helpful with driving revenue, but they’re just as valuable in creating (and maintaining) patron loyalty- so why not utilize them? If you’re unsure where to begin, On The Stage has your back with best-in-class box office tips and our user-friendly Box Office Portal to streamline the process.

Set Goals Before Opening Day

It’s no secret that ticket sales are the main driver of theatre revenue. But before ticket sales even open for your next production, it’s important to set realistic goals for the timeline and volume of your sales. By creating an achievable target, you can more easily measure your success throughout the selling period. And by keeping things realistic but challenging, you keep up morale.

Aside from general number and revenue goals, talk with your box office team about other objectives they want to reach, including how many up-sells, subscriptions, or donations they can garner in a day or how many customer compliments they can earn. If your team thrives on some friendly competition, consider hosting a ticket sales contest.

Establish High Standards with the Box Office Team

Whether your box office team is just you or an enthusiastic group of salespeople, make sure you’re setting ground rules and establishing expectations with your team before opening day.

This, of course, can start with expected sales numbers. But also remember to convey and drive home your customer service expectations for your team. Ultimately, people will likely return to your theatre and purchase more tickets if they feel heard and respected.

Gather and Utilize Strong Data

Before tickets go on sale, it’s vital to pore over your data. Look at the general numbers, the timing of ticket purchases, and the demographics of those purchasing. Answer these questions: Who is coming to my shows? Are there certain upticks in ticket sales depending on the day or time of day? Which age ranges and genders are most likely to purchase tickets?

Once you understand your audience and potential clientele, you can better market towards and serve them. (More on that later!)

Offer Tempting Specials  

People love walking away from a transaction thinking they’ve gotten a great deal. So why not sweeten the pot for those purchasing your tickets?

Along with tiered ticketing to create more accessibility within your theatre, consider bulk discounts for those buying many tickets or tickets to more than one performance. Additionally, implement VIP experiences or bonus goodies for those willing to pay the extra few bucks.

Reward Loyalty 

Let your community know you appreciate them! There’s nothing better than the wonderful patrons who come back show after show. Whether it’s through a customer loyalty system, early-bird offerings, discounted merchandise, or even a shout-out in the show’s program, people love to feel appreciated.

Create Targeted Marketing

If continuously re-posting your show poster on Instagram, or re-sharing your events page on Facebook isn’t producing the results you’re looking for, it might be time to take a look at your marketing strategy. Collecting and observing the demographics we mentioned earlier, you can deploy dynamic strategies directly to those buying tickets to your show.

From targeted ads on social media, to engaging content on your pages, to well-timed email blasts- working your promotional tools down to a science will greatly increase your ticket sales- and who doesn’t want that?

Ensure Your Ticketing Software is Up to Snuff 

Truthfully, the most engaged you’ll ever see your patrons is before, during, and after a performance. This is why ensuring you’re creating a smooth ticketing experience is vital – from the moment they purchase their tickets, whether online or in-person, to days after they leave. This requires top-to-bottom box office management, which may seem overwhelming. Luckily, On The Stage can help with the brand-new Box Office Portal.

On The Stage’s Box Office Portal

If you want to elevate your patrons’ experience at your show, the Box Office Portal is a great start for just about any type of company – from universities to community theatres and everything in between. With On The Stage’s Box Office Portal portal, you can:

  • Streamline the arrival process for your patrons
  • Access all box office tools in a single portal, saving your team time and headaches
  • Make in-person customer interactions fast and convenient for all involved
  • Quickly look up order information to avoid traffic jams
  • Seamlessly process ticket, cash, and credit card donations at the door
  • Easily sell subscriptions to your theatre at the door
  • Create a customer-first, professional atmosphere with Broadway-caliber box office tools

And while it’s incredibly simple to use, by no means is it basic. Robust and impressive to theatre novices and pros alike, the Box Office Portal helps to present a sophisticated look to your patrons without stressing out the front-of-house and box office teams.

Generating revenue, driving donations, selling subscriptions, reducing training time, and ensuring the best possible experience for all involved – the Box Office Portal is your key to success this season. Book a personalized demo today to learn more.

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