2021 will be known as an in-between year in theatre. Part of the year was marked by the continued shutdown of the industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the latter part of the year featured theatres reemerging from this long intermission.

Here at On the Stage, we too have had some major changes, most notably with the upgrades to our Producer’s Suite and the latest addition to our tool box, the Fundraising Suite.

Some of our most-read blogs of the year were related to creating theatre during a pandemic, and other popular blogs were about playlists, promotion, and other theatre business. Here are On the Stage’s most popular blogs of 2021.

8 Great Shows For Small, Socially Distanced Casts


Even though theatres have returned to live performances, some are finding that small-cast productions are a prime choice for practical and safety reasons. A small production is much simpler to mount in a way that meets both creative and safety standards. These eight shows featuring small or flexible casts adapt perfectly for non-traditional performance. See the list here.

On The Stage Release Notes – Producer’s Suite 2.0


We upgraded our Producer’s Suite this year. Why did we do this? What changed? Read the answers to those questions and how this updated technology will open the door for more great tools to help you and your patrons going forward.

3 Ways To Boost Your Drama Program Enrollment


How is your recruitment going? How do you boost your drama program enrollment to find fresh talent? How do you make building up your program and building up your students happen simultaneously? This blog reveals three places to start.

Five Strategies For Outdoor Theatre Production Success


Whether you’ve done outdoor theatre before or you’re mounting a production outside for the first time, it’s important to consider the challenges of outdoor theatre. Things like where to perform, where to rehearse, how to promote the show, and what else you need to plan for are all discussed in this blog dedicated to your outdoor production success.

Nine Plays Your High School and College Students Will Love To Perform


How do you find plays appropriate for your high school or college students? Also, how do you find plays that they’re going to enjoy? This list has nine great plays written with students in mind with a variety of casting breakdowns, themes, and run times that you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your needs and your students’ tastes.

Theatre On a Shoestring: The #1 Secret To a Great Low-Budget Show


Newsflash: the quality of your production is not directly proportionate to the size of your budget! In fact, there is a tried and true solution to making great theatre at any price point, and it is entirely within your control! Click here to find out the #1 secret —plus more great tips—to mounting a high quality, low-budget show.

3 Easy Ways To Sell More Tickets To Your Next Play


How can you increase our ticket sales? How can you encourage your cast and crew to promote the show to their friends? How can you make the theatre administration process easier overall? This blog answers those questions and more. Read on.

10 Theatre-Centric Podcasts for Drama Teachers (& Students, Too!)


If you’re a busy theatre maker (and we know you are!), it’s easy to feel out of touch with what’s happening in the wider world of theatre. Fortunately, artists can be great multitaskers, and where there’s a will, there’s a podcast. So whether you’re on the train, on the treadmill, or just hiding out in the teacher’s room between periods of Intro to Drama, there are theatre people out there making content just for you. Read more and find your next playlist.

No Set? No Worries! 9 Easy-To-Stage Shows for Virtual Production


On a traditional stage, audiences and actors alike rely on the talent of scenic and lighting designers to help create the world of the show. But in a virtual production format, where actors are logging into a streaming platform from their own remote locations, it isn’t always possible to be so visually ambitious. These nine titles offer serious theatrical quality without elaborate set pieces or technical elements. Read on to find out more.

Where To Promote Your Next Production


Are you fresh out of promotion ideas? Or is this your first time ever marketing a show? You know it’s just not enough to put up posters or mention in a weekly newsletter. Where do you even start? Read the blog to learn some of the simplest and highest-leverage spaces to promote your next production.

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