Just because the school year is over doesn’t mean theatre programming needs to come to a standstill. In fact, those months are a crucial time to create innovative theatre solutions, whether those are camps, acting/voice lessons, workshops or summer shows.

Below are some reasons to consider implementing summer programming into your 2022 schedule and beyond.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

Bottom line: the more programming you offer, the more your school or theatre’s name remains active in the public sphere. By offering camps for students, workshops and lessons for theatre hopefuls, and exciting summer shows for the community, your work stays relevant.

Along with said programming comes the marketing – and On The Stage can help to elevate your brand and get more people excited about what you have to offer. From automated social media posting to assistance with artwork, creating a streamlined website, getting a handle on online ticketing, and organically growing your audience, The On The Stage Producer’s Suite has you covered.

Get More People Involved

Summer is the perfect time to get new faces into your programming. Perhaps some students or talented performers go out of town for school or have hectic schedules during the year. Summertime lends itself to laxer schedules and greater accessibility, meaning a whole new crop of people are available for shows, workshops, and classes.

Even better, if you deliver solid programming for the summer, your performers will remember the experience. This can lead to word-of-mouth positive exposure, which will equal repeat visits and more funding down the line.

Contribute to Your Community’s Culture

Theatre in and of itself offers a robust addition to the fabric of any community. Through your summer programming, you’re offering a creative outlet to performers and crew; a place to help students hone their crafts; as well as a chance for those in your community to appreciate the arts.

Along with adding culture to your town, you’re creating a sense of community through your programming. Whether that’s through your actors bonding over a great performance or students excelling together during a workshop, your ability to make people feel included shouldn’t be overlooked. Win-win-win!

(P.S.: Watch On The Stage’s webinar on how your theatre can best serve your community for even more ideas.)

Prepare Students for the Future

With a more flexible schedule in the summertime comes more opportunities for students to focus on their talents and prepare for the future.

Through summer programming, you’re able to offer a more intentional, hands-on approach during workshops and camps. This, in turn, allows students to gain confidence in their ability to perform. Continuing your theatrical programming during the summer also propels your forward momentum, keeping staff, crew, and talent motivated.

If you feel like you’re lacking the tools to create successful summer programming, On The Stage can help. Book a demo to get started.

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