Raising funds for your shows (and for your theater itself) is essential to the longevity of your company. But when should fundraising be the focus? Tradition dictates that large fundraising events should kick off or conclude a theatrical season, but it’s actually important to raise funds throughout the year for each show. Read on to learn some reasons why creators should fundraise consistently … not just once or twice a year.

Decreases Burden

One of the more mundane but incredibly stressful jobs of theatre administration? The search for funding and grants throughout the year. The burden of raising and finding capital is a tough one – and something that could be eased substantially by fundraising as you go. This way, money comes in a more constant stream, making life for those behind the curtain a little less hectic.

Increases Quality

It’s common to see smaller theatres produce one blow-out musical performance a year, with other smaller performances sprinkled into the season. But what if you could produce similar-sized shows all year round? 


With the goal of raising money for each show, you open up the possibility for a bigger, better production each time. That means a continual revenue stream for costumes, lighting, tech and other behind-the-scenes necessities. Bottom line: because your fundraising is persistent, no show will suffer.

Creates a Bigger Following

One of the most important lessons of marketing is to keep your name and brand in the public conversation at all times. Planning and executing well-organized fundraisers year-round means people in your community will see and discuss your theatre more often. This, in turn, creates a stronger following, more prominent branding, and a larger dedication to the work you create. 

Keeps the Community Engaged

Going hand in hand with growing a bigger following, another perk of fundraising for each show is the concept of keeping people engaged – whether that be your fans on social media, your community partners that help to bolster your name, or the casts and students involved with your productions. Keeping the passion and excitement for your projects alive makes it all worth it. 

Personalizes Your Efforts

Donors of all kinds appreciate knowing where their contributions are going – where that’s tangible funds, time spent, objects given or service rendered. With fundraisers for every show, you have the chance to get specific and personalized with your marketing approach … helping you better connect with potential donors. 

Maximizes Forward Momentum

Having a continual sense of urgency when it comes to raising funds is a great feather in the cap of any company. With a goal always on the horizon, your team will remain motivated to raise capital and create the best shows possible.

Luckily, help with fundraising is available on-demand when you partner with On the Stage. With tools curated specifically for each theatre’s needs, OTS’ fundraising suite raises the bar – helping you grow donors, increase funding and stay focused on what matters: the art!

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