On The Stage presents a few reasons why a district-wide production is a great idea for you, your theatre, and your community at large. 

A Diversified Talent Pool

If you open up auditions to your entire district, you can bring together students from all locations and provide them with a unique experience to widen their perspective and grow their ability to work with others. This also allows you to produce a show with a large cast, giving more students and staff opportunities to shine. 

Students and actors from around the area can show you their stuff, which will likely be impressive! This, in turn, will increase the production value of your show by utilizing top-notch talent. 

More Collaboration and Creativity 

With a larger cast and crew comes more opportunity for collaboration and creativity. When various minds come together to create a production, the sky’s the limit regarding ingenuity. 

Consider adding on assistant directors, stage managers, choreographers, and more to get the best possible results. Who knows – maybe you’ll learn a few tricks to take with you on your ever-expanding theatre journey. 

Increased Audience Members and Ticket Sales

Opening up your show to the entire district means a larger production and, thus, more potential audience members. And more potential audience members means what? You guessed it – higher ticket sales to pad that bottom line. Hurrah! 

From a non-fiscal standpoint, increased audience members mean more eyes on your work, more social media accounts following you, more people talking about you, and greater potential for community partnerships. (More on that later!) 

Pro-Tip: For a little healthy competition, you could gamify ticket sales! By offering a ticket type for each school to see who can sell the most tickets.

A Strong District Community 

Running a district-wide production is an opportunity to showcase the talent within your schools and give back to the community and make a positive impact. By leveraging the production as a platform for raising awareness, funding scholarships, and collaborating with local businesses, you can create a meaningful experience that benefits everyone involved.

  • Raising Awareness: Use various marketing channels, including social media, press releases, and community newsletters, to promote the show and emphasize its significance in supporting artistic development.
  • Scholarship Fundraising: Consider using the production as an opportunity to fund scholarships for students pursuing further education in the arts. Collaborate with local sponsors, businesses, and community organizations to establish a scholarship fund that supports aspiring young artists. Promote the scholarship initiative through program advertisements, pre-show announcements, and post-show acknowledgments to encourage donations and community involvement.
  • Partnerships with Local Businesses: Reach out to lumber yards, prop houses, fabric stores, lighting companies, electronics retailers, and musicians within the community.  Together, you can demonstrate your involvement and dedication to supporting your community. 
  • Involving Local City Councils: Invite council members to attend rehearsals and performances. By engaging the city councils, you can highlight the importance of the arts in the community and garner support for future artistic endeavors.
  • Community Group Sales: Reach out to retirement communities, churches, after-school programs, etc. that are in your area to promote the arts and encourage group sales for the production. This boosts attendance, fosters intergenerational connections, and demonstrates your district’s dedication to promoting arts education at all levels.

By incorporating these elements into your district-wide production, you can create a collaborative, community-centered event that celebrates the arts, raises awareness, and supports the next generation of artists. 

More Possibilities Surrounding Business Sponsorships 

With a wider pool, you’ll likely be able to make far more professional connections with businesses in the district. It’s all about who you know – and when you widen your net, more opportunities will surely arise.

If you’re looking for ways to get businesses to sponsor your next production, we’ve got you covered.  

Encourages Inclusivity 

By opening up your production to the entire district, you’re likely to get a more diverse range of people both participating in and enjoying your show. All theatres should be open-door communities brimming with inclusivity, but sometimes when we’re stuck in our own ecosystems, things can get cliquey or competitive. So, by running a district-wide showcase, you’re uniting creatives in the area to build something bigger than themselves – together. This provides a great opportunity for new friendships, creative partnerships, and lasting memories!

Through these elements, you can demonstrate your district’s commitment to the arts and leave a lasting impact on your community.

Whether you’re hoping to spearhead district-wide efforts for the arts tomorrow or a year from now, On The Stage can help you reach your goals. Our all-in-one technology platform is built for the performing arts, handling everything from ticketing to box office, marketing, merchandise, streaming, and so much more. Book a personalized demo today to get started. 

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