About Corinth Theatre-Arts

Corinth Theatre-Arts was founded in 1968 and is the oldest continually operating theater in Mississippi. In 2015. Executive Director Joshua Steen and a fellow board member found themselves at a crossroads and had to make a critical decision about the future of the theatre. They decided that it was more than worth whatever effort it would take to save their theatre and partnered with On The Stage (OTS) to overhaul their patron experience. We’re thrilled to share their story with you!

The Challenge

Corinth Theatre-Arts operates in a small community, where attracting theatergoers can be a challenging endeavor. Before partnering with OTS, their online ticketing system was ineffective, inefficient, and relied heavily on manual processes. They lacked essential data on their audience’s demographics and preferences, making promotion a mere guessing game. Joshua Steen, the Executive Director and sole employee, juggled multiple responsibilities, leaving him overloaded and struggling to grow the theatre’s audience base on his own.

Partnering with On The Stage

With On The Stage (OTS) as their partner, Corinth Theatre-Arts embarked on a transformative journey that revitalized their operations, bolstered their impact on the community, and expanded their reach throughout the region.

Data became the theater’s ally, enabling them to understand their audience better, tailor their marketing efforts, and make strategic decisions about the future. This newfound knowledge empowered them to secure funding, form partnerships, and expand their reach far beyond their local community. In essence, it bridged the gap between artistic excellence and sustainable growth.

The Outcome

OTS didn’t just provide a ticketing solution; it offered a comprehensive suite of tools and insights that fundamentally reshaped how Corinth Theatre-Arts operated. Alongside our dedicated customer success team, the transition from a struggling manual ticketing process to an efficient online system marked a turning point.

OTS simplified the duties of the Executive Director, allowing him to manage box office, marketing, and fundraising efficiently. This streamlining proved crucial as Joshua is a one-man show responsible for numerous aspects of the theatre’s operation. As he explains, “Everything we’ve done after switching to OTS has been infinitely easier!”

Even more, Corinth Theatre-Arts experienced several other positive outcomes:  

  • Ticket Revenue Increase: Sales transitioned from 25% online to 70-80%, and over 2 years saw ticket revenue overall nearly double. 
  • Streamlining Duties: The Executive Director’s workload became more manageable thanks to OTS’s ease of use and functionality, so he could think strategically about the future of the theatre.
  • New Partnerships: OTS’s reporting and analytics allowed Steen to provide actual metrics proving the theatre’s impact on the community and allowed them to secure more funding and through partnerships both regionally and statewide. 
  • Impact on the Community: Corinth Theatre-Arts became a regional attraction, with 72% of ticket sales originating outside the local area. This influx of visitors generated tax dollars for the entire community, benefiting local businesses. 
  • Data-Driven Marketing: With OTS, Corinth Theatre-Arts gained access to valuable data on their audience, enabling them to tailor marketing efforts effectively. They embraced OTS email marketing and social media integration to promote their shows. 

I don’t know that we would still be here if our imprint on the community had not changed with On the Stage.

Josh Steen, Executive Director at Corinth Theatre-Arts

From Brink to Brilliance

The theater could now develop a five-year plan with confidence, knowing that data-driven decisions were guiding their strategies. OTS empowered them to be more strategic and analytical in securing funding through data-backed grant applications and forming partnerships with groups like their local tourism board. 

OTS allowed Steen to focus on creating exceptional theatre experiences and nurturing the organization’s growth. This newfound efficiency didn’t just save time – it breathed new life into the theatre’s mission.  

In his own words, “We just closed ‘Footloose the Musical,’ and that show became our best-selling and most profitable show in our 56-year history, and we could not have done that without the team at On The Stage. Not at all.”  

In a post-pandemic world where small theatres can find themselves at the foot of a large mountain, Corinth Theatre-Arts transformed from an organization on the brink of closure to one that shattered records and expanded its reach to the broader community. This success story should serve as an inspiration to others in the arts community – it’s a testament to what can be achieved when innovation and determination take center stage.    

About On The Stage

Founded by Hunter Arnold, a Tony Award-Winning Broadway producer, On The Stage (OTS) is an innovative solution designed by theatremakers for theatremakers. Our comprehensive platform equips performing arts organizations like Corinth Theatre-Arts with the tools and technology necessary to shape their own creative destinies. We are committed to the belief that top-tier Broadway tools and technology should be readily accessible to theaters of all sizes, budgets, and resource capacities.

Through collaboration with OTS, thousands of performing arts organizations have been able to:

  • Boost revenue through ticket sales, merchandise, and fundraising
  • Cut down on time and costs with efficient box office and production tools
  • Cultivate a polished patron experience with professional features like show sites, a walk-up app, ticket scanning, show programs, and more…

… all at no cost!

To learn more about On The Stage and become part of our community of theatremakers, schedule a personalized demo today.

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