Educational Theatre

An all-in-one technology platform built for educational theatres with the flexibility to support students uniquely at every level of education from universities to high schools to elementary schools, and everything in between.

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Discover a comprehensive box office platform that empowers drama departments to efficiently and professionally run every aspect of a production, while increasing student and audience engagement, in one consolidated place – all at no cost to your school. OTS works with educational theatres of varying sizes in all 50 states and represents school districts and higher education programs nationwide.

By partnering with On The Stage (OTS), your organization can drive revenue with ticket sales, merchandise, and fundraising, save time and money with box office and production tools, and create a world-class experience with show sites that include professionally-designed artwork, a walk-up app, ticket scanning, show programs, and more.

By partnering with On The Stage (OTS), your organization can drive revenue with ticket sales, merchandise, and fundraising, save time and money with box office and production tools, and create a world-class experience with show sites that include professionally-designed artwork, a walk-up app, ticket scanning, show programs, and more.

Drive Revenue and Increase Funding

Discover a comprehensive platform that increases ticket sales and drives revenue to fund your program.

Create Professional Experiences

OTS is uniquely designed for theater organizations with theatre-specific needs top-of-mind. Because of this, our platform was built to create a professional experience for both students and patrons alike.

Save Time and Resources

Our all-in-one platform brings together Broadway-level tools with baked in best practices to save time and resources, all while developing students, cast, and crew.

Elementary and Middle Schools

OTS was designed for performing arts programs of all sizes and is the perfect solution for elementary and middle schools. Our easy-to-use interface empowers educators to seamlessly set up ticket sales and makes it easy for families and community members to support your program.

With built-in marketing tools and show sites that include cast and crew pages, you can generate awareness and excitement about your program. You can also enable students and parents to help generate funding with individual campaign pages for each student to sell sales and custom merchandise. Don’t forget about the extended families! Give them the opportunity to support students even from afar by offering streaming and video-on-demand performances. 

We know time and resources are limited so all your information is stored from year to year eliminating the need to start over for each new show. Simply copy a production in our platform and update to meet your needs. Start empowering your school today with OTS!

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High Schools

With multiple disciplines providing performances, concerts, events, and showcases each year, high schools need a platform to unify all efforts and audiences…and OTS can do just that!

OTS provides flexible options that empower high schools with the tools and resources needed to easily promote productions and events, streamline ticket sales and fundraising efforts, offer custom merchandise, provide professional experiences, increase student participation, and create an online home for your program.

From performers to tech, to digital streaming, and graphic designers, OTS is something you can put in your students’ hands and have the ability to approve and edit before they publish the production site. Empower your school today with OTS and start driving ticket sales, increasing funding, and engaging with students, families, and your community. 

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School Districts

Organizing efforts for your school district with multiple performing arts groups and programs can be challenging. Not to mention, more generic tools used for other departments are not conducive to the arts, which have specific and unique requirements. With OTS, your district can offer a comprehensive platform to all schools and easily streamline your processes. Our child accounts feature enables school districts and administration to report and account for sales, fundraising, and marketing efforts across all schools in one place, while still giving individual schools ownership of their program’s productions.

With the ability to create a district organization site, you can offer an equal representation of performances and events across all your individual schools from one platform. By cross-promote productions, you’ll be able to raise more funds for your arts programming and educational programs in one consolidated place with full reporting so you know what’s working and what needs to be optimized.

Enable your school district with the technology to successfully promote productions, drive ticket sales and fundraising, and increase student engagement. 

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Colleges and Universities

Empower your performing arts department with the technology to engage larger audiences, increase ticket sales, and create Broadway-caliber production experiences.

By partnering with OTS, higher education organizations can centralize all their needs across ticketing, marketing, merchandising, fundraising, reporting, and more. Our comprehensive technology platform offers branded Broadway-style show sites and flexible ticketing options for multi-department use with numerous ticket types, including reserved seating, flexible seating charts, general admission, and pricing by section as well as virtual options.

Robust yet easy-to-use, the OTS platform comes with baked-in best practices that empower faculty and offer students the experience to use professional tools. With custom seating charts, e-tickets, subscription sales, merchandise sales, fundraising campaigns, donor management, reporting, and more, you’ll have everything you need to ensure your program’s success. 

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Save Educators’ Time and Resources

Seamlessly replace several separate technologies and licenses with our all-in-one platform, saving you time and money. OTS customers can consolidate all their tools and automate processes by using our platform to reduce time-consuming manual work, while increasing ticket sales dramatically.

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Fund the Theatre Program

Funding for the arts program is a challenge for most educational institutions. With our unique all-in-one tool, you will have the resources necessary for you to fundraise, sell sponsorships and advertising, and engage your audience and community in supporting arts in education. Learn how we have helped other school self fund and increase resources for their students.

Fund Your Program

Increase Student Participation

Looking for ways to teach your students real world skills while also engaging them in your program? With our easy-to-use platform, educators are able to open the management of the platform to students, teaching them the business side of arts on top of performance and technology. Learn how your students can gain applicable skills with OTS.

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Create a Professional Experience

Your patrons’ experience starts before the performance begins and doesn’t end when the curtain closes. With OTS, you can create a world-class experience for your patrons before, during and after each show. Founded by Tony Award-Winning producer, Hunter Arnold, our platform was built by theatremakers for theatremakers with theatre-specific needs in mind.

With multi-channel marketing, production sites, branded merchandise, box office tools, custom performance programs, and more, you can give your students and patrons a Broadway-caliber experience without the extra time and investment.

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“Your platform was a lifesaver. We had an amazing amount of ticket sales in a very short time.”
Hallee Altman • Long Lots Elementary School
“My school and I are in total awe of your company. You’ve truly thought of everything and I am so happy we partnered with you last year. Our box office volunteers had so much fun checking people in, they want to come back the next two nights!! I am so grateful for the professional development support and for your truly life changing platform for ticket sales, programs, merchandise. I will never do another show without you!”
Lauren Warner • Theatre Director
“Thank you for making this process so stress-free and supporting me along the way as I learned how to use it. Everything went smoothly with our first production using On The Stage and elevated our program to the next level. I am impressed with the ease of the site builder, the customer support, and the user-friendly nature of the program. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
Adrienne Bogarde Roach • Drama Director