We may produce a show for the love of theatre itself, but come opening night there had better be an audience or all that artistry and hard work is for nothing!

Whether you’re staging a play or a musical, in a traditional theater or streaming online to remote viewers, these tired-and-true strategies can help you connect with your audience, grow your organization’s reach in your community, and keep ticket sales flowing—so you can keep producing more work!

Here are 6 easy things you can and should be doing:

1. Lead with a content-rich production website

Have you visited a Broadway show site anytime recently? If so, you know just how creative and engaging marketing content can get:

  • Great artwork
  • Behind-the-scenes photos
  • Video trailers and production sneak peaks
  • About the Show and Cast information
  • Plus functionality, like ticketing, merchandise sales, and more.

Want to know a secret? You don’t need to be a web designer with a big-time budget to get professional results! All this can be created easily and affordably using web-based tools like On The Stage, which packages all that and more into one user-friendly platform.


Your social followers aren’t just potential audience members, they’re a digital street team waiting to happen! Post regular content that people can easily share to their own networks. Try:

  • Season announcements
  • On Sale Now! production announcements*
  • Video trailers
  • Sneak peaks and behind-the-scenes content
  • Live AMAs with your creative team and/or cast members

And don’t forget to include the link to your website so fans can become patrons!

On The Stage’s all-in-one platform includes automated social media posts with customizable scheduling. It’s never been easier to manage your campaigns and increase audience engagement.


We don’t have to tell you that people who have loved your past work are likelier than anyone else to jump at the opportunity to see what you’re up to next. But everyone is busy, and there’s a lot of competition for digital visibility. The best approach is to cultivate ongoing relationships, so your community looks forward to seeing your name in their inbox. But even a first-time campaign can make an impact with:

  • Engaging subject lines
  • Clear and focused content
  • Exclusive offers
  • Strong visual appeal

When you create your On The Stage site, we’ll design a custom announcement email featuring your show art, for free. Haven’t built your site yet?
 Get started now.


Your cast and crew have a vested interest in promoting your show…but a little extra incentive never hurt! We’ve seen online sales soar when cast and crew are engaged in some healthy competition to fill seats. Coordinate a contest and offer a prize to whoever brings in the most ticket sales.

On The Stage users can have participants tell their network to include the cast/crew member’s name in the comments section when they place their ticket order. Then, all you need to do to find your winner is pull up an Event Detail report and see who has the most referrals.


Your show may be the main event, but create a whole experience and you can expand your reach beyond the regular theatre-going crowd. Consider:

  • Talk-backs after the performance
  • Children’s tea with costumed characters
  • Thematic tie-in events with local businesses or nonprofits
  • VIP cocktail hours before the house opens, catered and cross-promoted by local businesses

On The Stage also makes it quick and easy to create a VIP section in your seating chart. Offer these seats as part of a special package and build premium pricing right in.


The most effective way to fill your house again and again is by selling tickets to a whole season’s worth of productions in one appealing package. Offer subscriber-only perks, like:

  • Presale access before you open tickets to the general public
  • Merchandise or concessions included in the package
  • Exclusive subscriber-only events
  • Anything else you might dream up!

Want to Level up your ticketing and promotion processes?

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