As the season of love embraces us and Cupid readies his arrows for Valentine’s Day, the quest for your perfect match takes center stage. Just as love stories are crafted with care, so should the tools that bring your lovely narratives to life on the stage. Here’s why On The Stage (OTS) is your perfect match!

Cupid’s Click to Tickets

Picture this: selling tickets as effortless as a romantic Valentine’s Day waltz. With OTS, our user-friendly interface transforms the ticketing process into a dance where setting up, managing, and promoting ticket sales is as easy as a few clicks. Like a supportive partner, we want you to be able to make time to focus on what you love – creating those unforgettable productions that steal the show.

Love Your Data, Know Your Patrons

Understanding your audience is key to a successful relationship! OTS provides detailed analytics and reporting tools, offering insights into your patrons’ preferences, demographics, and ticketing trends, allowing you to tailor your offerings to create an immersive and personalized experience for your audience!

Get Those Sweet Seats

Just like every love story is unique, so should your ticketing options be, too! OTS offers flexibility in setting up various ticket types, discounts, and promotions. Season passes, VIP packages, or special discounts for your loyal patrons – our platform lets you customize your offerings to connect with every fish in the sea.

A Safe Space 

Trust is the heart of any lasting relationship, and OTS ensures secure and reliable transactions (any theater lover knows the only cheating you want is the cheating you do on stage!) Our encrypted payment gateways and fraud prevention measures prioritize the safety and security of every transaction. So you and your patrons can enjoy the show with peace of mind!

Spread the Love

The journey doesn’t stop at ticket sales; it extends to creating a buzz around your productions. OTS offers integrated marketing tools that let you promote your events, engage with your audience, and build anticipation for upcoming shows. From heartwarming email campaigns to love-filled social media integration, we’ve got your back in spreading the love far and wide.

Love is in the (Fundraising) Air

OTS introduces an all-in-one fundraising solution that seamlessly intertwines with the theme of love and connection. Our comprehensive fundraising suite empowers you to take control of your theatre’s financial destiny, allowing you to launch campaigns, track both one-time and ongoing donations, manage and cultivate your donor relationships, and access detailed reports that unfold the heartwarming story of your supporters.

Just as Cupid’s arrows find their mark in the quest for love, our fundraising solution aims for the heart of financial success, creating a bond between your theatre and its supporters that goes beyond the stage!

We’re Here For You!

Every love story faces challenges, and when you encounter them in the realm of ticketing, our dedicated support team is here to assist you. OTS provides responsive customer support to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience throughout your ticketing journey. As you step into the spotlight, we’ll be there, ensuring that every ticket sold, every seat filled, and every performance is seamless!

In love and ticketing, the perfect pair creates a standing ovation. Book a demo today, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

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