A letter from our CEO

It’s likely you have already noticed a few updates to our website, and suffice it to say, I’m beyond excited to share this change with you all, but first I wanted to start with how we got here:  

From the very beginning, our mission at On The Stage has been to bring the latest and greatest of Broadway-caliber technology to theatremakers everywhere, extending accessibility for productions and organizations of all sizes.

Nurturing arts programs with the resources to do what they love is at the core of our organization, and it’s been extraordinary to witness the incredible growth over the past five years.

As we begin another year, I can’t help but look back with appreciation for everything the performing arts industry has overcome, and with pride for the dedication our team members have shown in providing our customers with the resources and technology to thrive.

Just this past year, On The Stage partnered with arts organizations in all 50 states to power over 16,000 performances; cultivating a tremendous community of producers, actors, directors, dancers, creators, and artists. We also began working with incredibly talented commercial producers on extravagant immersive experiences like Alice’s Adventures Underground and SAW: The Experience.  By powering their ticket sales with more seamless purchase flows and expanded upsell functionality we increased revenues ensuring the sustainability of their creative genius, all while giving a paramount experience to thousands of patrons. Our partnership with commercial productions like these globally is what enables us to deeply understand the leading edge of producing theatre globally and fuels our ability to continuously innovate to deliver on new features that benefit all our customers, large and small.

Introducing advancements to our products such as the OTS Fundraising Suite, Box Office Portal, and our Ticketing Platform  made facilitating enormous success for performing arts organizations worldwide possible. On top of that, we were able to connect our customers to direct daily payouts with Stripe, expanded our ticketing options for registration events, and created a user-friendly dashboard view in our refreshed Box Office Portal to put ease of use at the core of the OTS experience.

Looking back allows us the opportunity to reflect and deliberate on where we have come from, and look forward to what we aspire to become.

In recent years, the theatre community exemplified tremendous perseverance, and that adaptability curated a presence of art that I believe is stronger than ever before. If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that adaptability is essential to the sustainability of the performing arts. 

In the spirit of our mission and our dedication to continuous innovation, we are consistently evolving our platform to ensure our customers have the technology and tools needed to control their own operational and financial destiny, letting them focus on making great art. And so the timing is right for our brand to evolve too!

We have been working behind-the-scenes to adapt our brand to best reflect the trajectory of the industry, and our goal to democratize these advances for the entire arts community. I’m beyond excited to share our new, modern and bright visual language that demonstrates the convergence of art and technology. In addition, we’ve overhauled our website with a focus on creating a best-in-class user experience and accurately reflecting our latest product innovations, while making it easier than ever to access helpful resources.

Along with a revitalized look and feel, we’re extremely excited to share some new advancements to our existing platform. We believe our best insights come from listening to our customers and we have translated your feedback into some notable new features we think you’ll love. 

For one, our ticketing services will now come fully equipped with a Credit Card Reader, enabled to allow your patrons to swipe, chip, and tap. This user experience has been recently adopted by commercial productions in the heart of London to support their eager theatre-goers, and we worked hard to make the same patron experience available to you. 

On that note, we’re also releasing a brand new easy-to-use ticketing widget, designed to automatically create an embeddable purchase flow for every show into your existing websites for seamless user experience. With a calendar view of all performances  and dynamic ticket inventory data, our customers will be able to drive patron urgency and increase conversion rates.  You’ll also continue to see us expand functionality to help you capture information about your patrons and tools to further nurture those relationships with.  

Bringing you the best of the best has always been our goal, and it will remain at the core of what we do every day. As we kick off the new year and continue to grow, we push ahead with dynamic initiatives for both our customers and our brand. 

I look forward to the endeavors we will share together this year and those beyond. Being a part of the effort to provide opportunities that allow every theatremaker to excel will always be such a special and empowering project. We aspire to keep delivering the technology you need beyond the stage, so you can keep doing what you do best on the stage.

Cheers to the new year, and all that lies ahead!

Ryan Bush
CEO, On The Stage


Great theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to.

– Willem Dafoe

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