The benefits of video on demand options for your theatre are boundless. Whether you’re looking to expand your reach or give your audience an encore show, investing in video on demand capabilities can take your company – and your performances – to greater heights.

Drum Up Excitement with Previews

When you invest in video on demand software, you can give your audience members a taste of what’s to come.

Pre-recorded performances can act as a flexible preview of an upcoming show, setting strong expectations. Just like movie trailers create anticipation for films and television shows, allowing your potential audience members to see snippets of an upcoming performance raises excitement levels  – allowing everyone involved to get amped for the future.

Drive In-Person Attendance

All theatre lovers know nothing compares to the buzz and excitement of in-person performances. By displaying your show’s talented cast and crew in high definition video, you’ll remind people watching at home just how great it feels to be in the crowd.

Whether you’re back to doing in-person performances or plan to get there sometime in the future, the utilization of video on demand is a strong and effective nudge to your audience members to snag tickets and get back in their seats as intended … when the time is right, of course.

Provide an Encore Performance

You’ve put in months of hard work – blood, sweat and tears – for your show. Doesn’t it seem like a tragedy that your labor isn’t appreciated after the final curtain call? With video on demand, you can permanently memorialize the memories and excellence of your show for years to come.

Even more, VOD acts as a way to offer limited encore performances of your show once the in-person run has finished.

Increase Your Scope

It’s no secret that video on demand will grow your work’s national and global reach. People from around the country (and maybe the world!) will be able to stream your content. With that comes a variety of opportunities.

From the potential for greater funding opportunities to a wider-spread appreciation for the work of your company, video on demand means one thing: more eyes watching the content you and your team have created.

Gain Insight on Viewership Metrics

With the help of analytics, you’ll be able to gauge the metrics of your viewer activity with video on demand software. Knowing your target audience, the demographics of your viewers and the breadth of activity and excitement for different shows has myriad benefits. Most important of all, it can give you a better grasp on who your audience is … and how you can better appeal to them.

Indulge the Nostalgia Factor

Just as families love to sit down and watch home videos, having video on demand lends itself to the sentimental side of things. For all the great commercial reasons to invest in VOD, it’s okay to admit that rewatches just for “old time’s sake” are a great way to appreciate your art. It can’t all be business, after all!

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