Time. Tools. Money. Theatres never seem to have enough. But does that have to be the case? Let’s take a look at each of these valuable assets and how your theatre can get more of them.  

Time & Expertise

Let’s face it: many theatre leaders and their staff are strapped for time. They have so many brilliant and creative ideas, but they’re often understaffed or lack certain business expertise. So time is often spent learning how to do all the things to keep the company running, which takes away time that could be spent on creating theatre. Since the show must go on, sometimes things get left to the wayside, and it may be affecting your theatre’s reputation.

What if your business efforts were efficient and effective, allowing you more time to focus on the art? What if you could add automation to your marketing and ticket sales? What if expertise was just a click away?

On The Stage’s all-in-one technology platform was built for busy theatre leaders to help save time with best practices, templates, and automations built right into the system. You can sell tickets and merch, take donations, and get detailed reports using the Broadway-quality website templates, which are the foundation of this platform. Social media tools and automated email marketing take the stress out of audience engagement and give you back the time you need to keep creating great theatre.


It’s rare for theatres to have the tools such as ticketing software, CRM, or more recently, streaming technologies that fit all of their needs perfectly. Either the tools are lacking in some way and you need a supplementary solution, which of course does not integrate with other tools you’re already using, or you have a system that is more complex and sophisticated than what you actually need. Maybe you can’t afford the software you want and so you employ a make-shift solution just to get by.

Getting by is not the foundation for great art. Your theatre company deserves the tools and supplies that will support your mission without everyone working harder just to get by. What you need are tools that are built specifically for theatre makers to help you manage the business of theatre and engage with your staff and patrons more easily.

What if you had tools that were tailored for theatre people because they were built by theatre people? What if, instead of an one-size-fits-all program, you had something customizable, affordable, and easy to use? On The Stage’s Digital Performance Suite offers a ticketing solution for theatres, regardless if you’re performing live, streaming your productions, or both! Features include ticket and seating management, audience live chat, protection with geofencing and single device per ticket activation, and streaming via On The Stage with your own branded show site. This could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.


You know all of the things you could add to your company if only you had more funding: that costume, the new lightboard, those special effects, that artist you’ve wanted to bring in, that renovation you’ve been planning for years. Whatever it is for you and your theatre, you just need to raise the money.

Does this sound familiar? Funding opportunities have shifted, decreased, or dried up. You’re not sure where to start with grants. That show you were sure would be a hit didn’t reach its sales goals. You can’t get others excited about promoting or participating in your fundraising campaign.

We heard you.

Our comprehensive Fundraising Suite increases your theatre’s self-funding opportunities and maximizes the results so you can reinvest in your productions. Our fundraising platform works in two distinct ways. First, our customers can build custom campaigns to allow for both targeted one-time campaigns and ongoing fundraising outside the run of their show. Your team members (which can be cast, crew, students, staff, volunteers, etc) are given a custom URL and campaign page from which they solicit donations. It’s a great way to game-ify fundraising, and we make it fun and easy to track. Secondly, our customers are given access to exclusive Video On-Demand content from TBD Productions, meaning they can sell tickets to live captured stage productions, before they are available on platforms like Netflix or Amazon.

Our features allow you to easily launch campaigns and programs, manage your campaigns from one tool, and grow and engage your donors over time. We offer fundraising templates or you can build your own. Tools such as a donor CRM and email marketing help you to easily engage your patrons for ongoing growth. We also provide you with best practices and templates to maintain brand consistency, no matter what type of fundraiser you’re running.

Let On The Stage help uplevel and empower your theatre company and staff with any of our three digital solutions suites. Our tools are easy to use, save you time, are backed by our Customer Success team, and will help you improve production quality and the customer experience so you can get back to creating your art and fulfilling your mission statement.

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