If you’ve been on the fence about adding video on demand to your community theatre’s offerings, we’re here to tell you that this option is actually your secret weapon. Here’s why.

Your audience is already subscribed 

A recent study on streaming showed that 55% of households subscribe to more than one streaming service, so they’re already watching videos on demand. It might as well be one of your productions. So while VOD may be new to your company, it’s not new to your audience. Also,  virtual performances are part of the theatre industry’s future, even after live theatre returns full time.  


Expand your season

VOD gives you room to do even more productions and tell even stories for your audience to enjoy. Actors may not be available when a hit show extends. Back-to-back productions can be hard on your set builders and crew. With VOD, you don’t have to have any “down time” between productions, and you can even offer multiple productions at the same time. You’ll have more flexibility in your season. 

In fact, VOD may allow you to have a season. Is your theatre not fully operational? Are you planning or currently in the midst of a major renovation? Are you making a move to a new space or did you lose your space entirely? VOD could be a way to “keep the lights on” at your company while the logisitics with the physical theatre space get worked out.    

VOD allows you to take artistic risks on plays and material that are not usually part of your theatre’s repertoire because you won’t have to meet your ticket quota for the run of a live show. And you don’t have to begin with a full production. You can start with a reading and build up from there. You can replay an archival run of that smash hit from a few years ago and integrate it into your regular season or offer it as a bonus to season subscribers.  


More people can see your shows

There’s no denying the convenience and appeal of watching a great show in the comfort of your own home. VOD also makes your performances more accessible to a wider audience in terms of demographics and location. One case in point: VOD is a great way to introduce young people to your theatre. 

Your audience is made up of patrons who can physically get to your theatre. Things like mobility, health, weather, childcare, and transit could be preventing your current or potential patrons from attending your shows. Until now. With VOD, your theatre has increased accessibility across the board. This also means that your audience now extends beyond your city limits. Friends and family of your cast and crew who live out of town now get to enjoy your shows. You have unlimited potential to grow your audience from. . . everywhere, and you don’t even have to add seats to the house!  


Increase your revenue

When you expand your audience base, that means more ticket sales which means more revenue. If you’re running a live production at the same time you’re running a VOD production, that could be double the revenue of a regular full house! If you’re running a virtual production on its own, you’re saving money on the electricity, the building, and front of house expenses. VOD is a very cost-effective way to keep the revenue coming into your theatre, during the pandemic and beyond.


Give them extras

Remember DVDs and the bonus footage that came with them? VOD can offer a similar experience for your patrons. Extra clips like cast interviews and behind-the-scenes footage can increase engagement and strengthen your relationship to your audience. How about an exclusive premiere or a trailer of your next show? VOD opens the door for all that and more.


Video on demand is a smart and easy investment for your theatre. Are you ready to try it? We can help! Find out more about On the Stage’s streaming and VOD technologies. Contact us today for a free demo and see how easy it can be to give your theatre more visibility and revenue. It’s time to shine!

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