Theatre, like a host of other creative endeavors, doesn’t seem like a numbers game at first glance. But having concrete data analysis in your back pocket can have myriad benefits for your company or program moving forward. Here are a few reasons why theatre leaders need to focus on bettering their data analysis for later programming.

Reporting to Administration or Boards 

It’s imperative to have solid data analysis when reporting to your “higher ups” – whether that’s a board, your school’s administration, your donors, your community partners, or other leaders who determine how much money you get and where it’s allocated. 

Bottom line: Handing off reliable data to those in charge allows them to see results in terms of dollars and cents. This, in turn, empowers you to make a data driven argument for better funding down the line.

Determining Spent vs. Sold

With reliable data analysis, theatre leaders can determine a lot when it comes to budgeting. Say you allotted a hefty amount of money towards a certain portion of your show – like costuming – but notice that it didn’t pay off after the curtain closes. Having those numbers in front of you makes spending for the next show that much easier.

Retaining and Gaining an Audience

When it comes to a theatre’s social media presence, data analysis can assist you in retaining, engaging, and growing your brand. Google analytics, as well as business page insights on other platforms, can give you an ideal breakdown of your content’s popularity, your target demographics and the interaction numbers on your platforms. 

Once you see the type of content that draws in your viewers and keeps them on your page, you can better personalize your marketing materials to appeal to a broader audience. More eyes on your socials means more eyes on your work. 

Discovering What Drove Results

Pinpointing exactly what your audience members responded to is an integral component to bettering your shows for the future. With better data analysis, theatre leaders can concretely see what drove attendance, interactions and enthusiasm – ensuring there is more of that in the next show, post or program.

Informs Future Seasons and Decisions

Learning your target demographic. Seeing what your audience enjoyed. Figuring out what worked and what didn’t. These benefits of data analysis give you a key component to your success: figuring out how to plan your upcoming season

Allows Sound Budget Execution

As stated, data analysis allows you to get granular with your budget planning. When it comes down to cents on the dollar, knowing exactly what works and what doesn’t means you can streamline your budget and reduce your stress.

While data analysis may sound intimidating, its benefits are vast. If you’re not sure where to start, On The Stage can help with turnkey best practices.

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