You’re working hard on your newest production, and now it’s time to think about promoting and sell tickets. If you’re not sure how to create a cohesive digital home base for your show, a production website is the way to go. Having all your assets organized in one place will make things so much easier down the line – from marketing to ticketing, selling merchandise, and everything in between. On The Stage presents a few reasons why, exactly, your production needs a show site.

It’s a necessity in the digital age

First off, there’s a reason we said ‘need,’ instead of ‘should have’ when it comes to creating a show site. So many sectors of our lives are now reliant on the internet, and businesses either have to stay in the loop or get left behind. More than that, your patrons (and potential patrons) will expect this of you – and it’s best to always live up to and exceed expectations!

Curates a more professional brand image 

A website, for all its many pros, also creates tangible credibility with customers and those interested in your work. Say a potential customer searches your theatre name, or your upcoming production, on the internet. If only a lonely, sparse Facebook page or Twitter account pops up, you’ll likely be perceived as a less professional, and thus less trustworthy, business in their eyes. 

A cohesive website presents the image you want to your consumers: organized, professional, engaged, and able to put on a great show worth watching. 


Opens the door for greater marketing opportunities 

Don’t get us wrong, social media is great – but it can’t be the end-all-be-all for your marketing efforts. Instead, use your show website as an addendum to your socials and email blasts in delivering solid marketing solutions. Don’t forget to harness strong SEO keywords on your website for extra reach, too! 

Additionally, you can harness the power of your show website to generate advertising revenue with community partners or businesses around town, as well as drive donations and subscriptions to your theatre. 



It’s true, a solid show website will make end-users happy. But what about taking a load off your shoulders, too? A cohesive website is a perfect place to organize all the important assets you need for your show – like cast bios, creative show artwork, merchandise, ticketing software, show details and so much more. So yes, moving pages of crucial hand-written notes into an easy-to-use URL will surely take a load off your shoulders, increasing your bandwidth for more creative endeavors. 



If one of your main goals this season is to sell more tickets (and it should be!), then creating a cohesive, easy-to-navigate show site also welcomes the opportunity to sell, sell, sell – without the stress. 

When people can buy tickets to just about anything, they want the process to be fast, easy, and efficient when they do. With a show website, you’re granting your patrons a one-stop shop for tickets and information on your show.



A show website can act as a home base for your production – and it’s also the place where many will have their first interactions with your brand. With a show website, you’re able to position your theatre, your show, your actors, and your content in the light you think fits best. Even more, consider creating a site for your entire organization, then linking separate show sites to it. This way, consumers get a feel for your entire body of work, increasing the likelihood of further ticket sales and getting more eyes on your work. 

Consider uploading show snippets, driving home brand recall, displaying snapshots from past shows, and even bragging about your theatre or actors for garnering awards or accolades. Bottom line – your show website (and general organization website) allow you and your work to shine – exactly how you want it to. 



Unlike a business phone number or a live feed, having a show website with all the goodies you want to display ensures patrons and potential customers have access to your content 24/7. In this way, you’re in constant contact with your consumers. 

Additionally, your show site can outline basic questions your patrons may need answers to, no matter the time. With a great show site, you’re giving consumers answers when they need them, resulting in immediate gratification on their end, and a higher potential for new patrons on your end.




“But where to start?” you may be asking yourself. Not to worry – On The Stage offers an all-in-one technology platform to create a professional, approachable, and dynamic show website.

On The Stage’s all-in-one platform features a simple site builder for your productions, allowing you to drag-and-drop information into customizable templates. You can also link your social media handles to the website, making further promotion and marketing efforts easier than ever. If you want to make more than just a show site, the Suite is also perfect for a general site for your entire organization. There, you can present a cohesive, professional home base for your entire body of work. 

The best part? It’s easy to use, but effective and eye-catching all at the same time. You can upload behind-the-scenes clips and images, add in cast bios, set up merchandising opportunities, and tout curated artwork, among a slew of other offerings. All in all, the Producer’s Suite makes it easy to brand, promote, and grow your theatrical following for a successful season ahead.

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