As the leaves turn fiery hues and the chill in the air deepens, we find ourselves deep in the trenches of the spooky season. So why not brew up something new to bring a little magic to your theatre offerings?

Whether you’re looking to keep things light(ish) or go full dark and twisty, On The Stage presents eight Halloween monologues to perform that will leave your patrons spellbound.


A play surrounding death, death, and, well, more death, Macbeth is a great place to find Halloween monologues. Consider a segment from the top of the play when Hecate – a witch – chastises her underlings for speaking with Macbeth without her permission.

If you’d rather go maudlin than spooky, Lady Macbeth has a monologue in Act 1 will provide you plenty of emotional breadth for betrayal. The sky’s the limit! 


While this isn’t technically a piece of theatre, this 1960 Alfred Hitchcock thriller is rife with goodies that will get you in a creepy, crawly mood.

One in particular that will likely give you goosebumps? A scene where the lead character, Norman Bates speaks to his motel guest about the complicated relationship he harbors with his mother. While his vent begins with an innocuous air, Norman’s outwardly kind facade slowly chips away … revealing a threatening, ominous inner self that will chill you to the bone.


Again, not theatre – but a monologue from this 1975 classic is easily one of the most unsettling in all of media.  

The three protagonists of the film are sitting down to enjoy a moment of peace during their hunt for a monstrous shark that’s terrorizing their community. During their lighthearted chats, Captain Quint is questioned about a scar he has – and he begins the harrowing story about how he obtained it. Essentially, Quint was stranded in shark-infested waters during WWII after his ship, the USS Indianapolis, sank. Perfect for a subdued yet chilling performance, this monologue will leave your audience stunned. 

Satan Among Us

In Satan Among Us, there are some particularly stellar Halloween monologues. Specifically, there is one scene where healer and midwife Goody Hawkins enters the prison cell of Anne Marbury Hutchinson. Hutchinson, like many at that time, was awaiting her trial for witchcraft and, in the scene, is in a drug-induced slumber.

Goody, after checking on her friend, takes this time to speak directly to the audience about the actual truth of the situation. In it, both Anne’s story and her own intertwine and unfold in shocking ways. 

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Although this short story – and later movie – mostly centers around the lead character Ichabod Crane, this monologue is spoken by Crain’s nemesis, Brom Bones.

Brom has just had an encounter with the spirit of the Headless Horseman himself when the entity challenged him to a race across the bridge. Afterward, Brom rushes into the town square to recount his story to a spellbound group of people … his beau and Ichabod’s love interest, Katrina Van Tassel.

Murmurs & Incantations 

The perfect blend of spooky and emotional, the Halloween monologues from Murmurs and Incantations are incredible! The lead character performs one scene in particular, Ben’s recently deceased lover, Michael. Ben, who has returned to his home country of Poland for a performance, is grieving and, because of that, unable to make smart, creative decisions. In fact, he’s so devastated that he’s sworn off art altogether.

Enter the ghost of Michael, who brings Ben some closure to their tragic love story. Get the tissues for this one! 

The Silence of the Lambs

No creepy monologue listing would be complete without referencing Anthony Hopkin’s hair-raising performance as Hannibal Lecter! He plays a highly intelligent, former psychiatrist/turned cannibal serial killer. When Hannibal sizes up Clarice Starling, a new FBI trainee meant to interview him, a perfect Halloween monologue emerges. 

In his analysis, he ruthlessly tears about her background but also recognizes her talents. He is essentially goading her into a reaction and, in a sense, attempting to deem her trustworthy as a partner. An incredibly nuanced piece of writing that will challenge any actor, this is a must-try. 

Mad Millie

If you’re looking to let loose – replete with yelling truly and that oh-so-delicious scorned woman trope – this scene from Mad Millie is the perfect choice.

In it, Mrs. Singleton – a self-proclaimed perfect housewife – is startlingly close to being imprisoned for the murder of a young, attractive woman who moved into her calm, quiet gated community.

Mrs. Singleton has remained as poised and in control as possible, but when the accusations start stacking up, she’s finally had it. This scene ends in a tirade directed at the police officer questioning her – will she reveal the truth or prove her innocence? The audience members will be on the edges of their seats! 

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Happy Halloween! 

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