With the summer sun slowly setting, it’s time to gear up for back to school and an electrifying fall theatre season. Whether you’re a veteran drama teacher or just stepping onto the stage, On The Stage has some actionable steps and helpful resources to help you start your season strong!

Set the Stage

Literally and figuratively! Organize your theatre space to make it an inviting and creative haven for your students’ talents to flourish. Here are some ideas to enhance your space:

  • Circular Seating Formation: Consider arranging your seats in a circular layout to promote equal participation and open communication. Many teachers have found that this layout increases verbal interactions and a sense of inclusiveness within the classroom. 
  • Color Psychology: Be sure to utilize color schemes that evoke emotions related to creativity and collaboration. Colors like blue and green have been linked to enhanced cognitive performance and cooperative behavior, which is essential for a performing arts space!
  • Go Green: Speaking of colors, let’s talk plants! Integrating natural elements like plants and natural light has been shown to reduce stress, enhance cognitive function, and promote creativity.
  • Neurodiverse Considerations: Incorporate sensory-friendly elements like dimmable lighting and noise-canceling options. Catering to neurodiversity supports a comfortable environment that boosts cognitive engagement.

Have Your Material Lined Up

Get ahead of the game by diving into play selection, performance choices, and audition material for the upcoming season. Remember to factor in your student’s strengths and interests while crafting an exciting lineup of productions.

Consider involving your students in the selection process! This will not spark enthusiasm but create a personal connection to your program that will inspire students to be invested throughout the entire process, from spreading the word about auditions to working hard in rehearsals. You could run a poll or have a group discussion to understand their preferences. After all, they’ll be the ones giving life to these characters!

Organize a Rehearsal Strategy

Similarly, you’ll want to ensure you plan the rehearsal schedule effectively. First, consider holidays, school engagements, and community events, and then from there, you can cleverly schedule rehearsals that optimize students’ availability and energy. Visualizing the entire journey on a calendar can be super helpful! Even before school starts, planning now will ensure a smooth segue into the whirlwind of auditions, rehearsals, and shows. Plus, it lets you proactively share the dates with parents, ensuring everyone’s expectations are set.

Nurture Your Program’s Growth

As the curtains rise on the new school year, it’s the perfect time to start generating buzz for your upcoming theatre season. By kicking off your marketing efforts early, you can ensure that auditions are met with enthusiasm and that your program gains the visibility it deserves. Need some ideas? We’ve got your back!

  • Engage Through Social Media: Use your school’s social media platforms to your advantage. Ask whoever is in charge if you can post audition slots, share fun facts about the upcoming productions, and create interactive content to excite students and the community.
  • Collaborate with Other Departments: Chat with other teachers or extracurricular leaders to create collaborative projects that promote the theatre season. This spreads the word and fosters a sense of unity within your school! For example, see if the teacher leading your school paper can have students write a story about your upcoming show and encourage students to audition.
  • Interactive Workshops: Consider hosting workshops or interactive sessions that give potential participants a taste of what they can expect from the auditions and rehearsals. This hands-on approach can pique interest and boost attendance!
  • Engage Parent Network: Don’t forget about parents! Share information through school newsletters, parent-teacher meetings, and online groups. Parents’ support can greatly influence students’ decisions to participate.

Stock Up on Your Props

Take inventory of your props, costumes, and set pieces. Restock any essentials and explore creative ways to repurpose items for new productions. A fun idea to help get your show on the road is to hold a “Prop Donation Day” where students and families, involved in theatre or not, bring in items they think could be used in a production. 

Inspect Your Tech Equipment

After a summer of collecting dust, you’ll want to ensure your tech equipment is still in top shape! From lighting to sound, having your technical elements in order is essential for a smooth run. If you’re looking for some ways to upgrade your tech game this season, check out this blog.

Design Seasonal Merchandise

Looking to gather funds for your fantastic set, stylish costumes, and attention-grabbing marketing efforts? Well, here’s an idea: merchandise! Not only does it help raise money, but it also lets you and your team show off your support for the production in a stylish way.

Pro-Tip: Why not nudge parents to consider buying some merchandise as a special congratulatory treat for their budding star in the cast? It’s a heartwarming gesture that not only celebrates their achievements but also contributes to the production’s success!

Cultivate a Sense of Community

Lay the foundation of unity well before the curtain rises! This guarantees a welcoming atmosphere that not only ignites students’ excitement for participation but also sets the stage for auditions to be uplifting and encouraging. Don’t forget about feeder schools – including them in community-building events like a Broadway-themed Potluck can spark enthusiasm even before the season kicks off.

Revitalize Your Skills and Knowledge

Staying in the loop with the freshest trends, top-notch practices, and innovative teaching techniques in the theatre world is a key part of returning to school. If you’re ready to dive back into that visionary energy, our resource library is the perfect place. Packed with webinars, eBooks, guides, and blogs, it’s the perfect hub to dust off and get your creative spark going again. 

On The Stage

Ever wondered about On The Stage’s origins? Well, it all started with our founder, Tony Award-winning producer Hunter Arnold, reconnecting with his high school theatre teacher. Hunter’s vision was to infuse Broadway-caliber technology into the theatremakers’ world, making best-in-class tools accessible to individuals like you who nurture the very talent shaping the future of Broadway.

This sentiment holds even today. We firmly believe that your program and students deserve the pinnacle of quality. Through On The Stage’s comprehensive array of ticketing, marketing, and fundraising tools, you can enrich their theatre journey. Ready to take the leap? Schedule time to chat with our team to learn more.

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