It’s almost time for curtains up on your newest production, and perhaps you think that means your ticket sales numbers are mostly final. Not so! The last few days before your show are still prime time to sell tickets; don’t throw in the towel just yet! 

On The Stage can help get those final seats filled; we offer a few helpful ways to maximize both revenue and attendance for your next show. 

Offer Giveaways and Other Incentives

Perhaps you’re asking yourself, “If I’m looking to sell more tickets and make more money, why would I give anything away?” But as we’ve said a million times: People. Love. Free. Stuff. If you’re generous with your offerings, people will be more inclined to continue visiting and patronizing your theatre. A few ideas include: 

  • Smart discountsReward patrons who buy more than one ticket. Consider group discounts, buy one/get one half-off tickets, or other discounts. If you want to extend your reach, give location-based discounts to people who live farther away. 
  • Merch giveaways with ticket purchase – Incentivize buying tickets by offering free shirts, hats, cups, other merchandise, or even drink/snack tickets with large group ticket sales. 
  • Tiered ticketing – If you don’t already have tiered ticketing options, now is the time to enact them. This way, your show is accessible to more people who can afford different price points. 
  • Reward programs – Give loyal patrons or those who have already purchased tickets, special access codes for referring other ticket buyers. Additionally, make sure patrons who consistently visit your theatre feel appreciated with reward programs and other perks. 

Ensure Your Ticketing Software is Top-Notch 

The quickest way to lose ticket sales is by offering clunky, hard-to-navigate ticketing software. Remember, people’s attention spans are short, so you want to make ticket buying as quick and simple as possible. Ideas include:

  • A streamlined website – Your ticketing portal should be front and center on your show site. Make sure you’re utilizing the newest, most intuitive ticketing software within your site.
  • A well-publicized website – People should know exactly where to look to purchase tickets from you. Make sure your website is front and center on all marketing materials, on your social media pages, and on fliers/other printed marketing content. 
  • Easy tech for at-the-door purchases – Prepare for last-minute ticket sales by having mobile ticketing tech at your box office. Patrons should be able to come up to you and purchase day-of tickets with little to no wait time, hassle, or complications. 

Enact a Blitz Marketing Campaign

Although you’ve probably been pushing your showcase on social media throughout rehearsals, the last few days before a show should be go-time for marketing. A few ideas include: 

  • One last social media push – Purchase targeted ads on social media, appealing to your preferred demographic. Post rehearsal snippets and backstage tidbits. Strap a GoPro to your lead and go live during a particularly compelling scene. Bottom line: You want people to be talking about your show. 
  • Clean up your website – Make sure your website is up-to-date, attractive, high-tech, and ready for traffic. Your ticketing portal should be easily accessible. 
  • Tap other media outlets – Reach out to newspapers, magazines, local news stations, local radio stations, and other media outlets to see if they have space for a quick appearance. Consider placing ads through these channels as well.  
  • Tap your patrons and business partners  – Now is the time to ask your patrons and partners to spread the word through their own channels. You want as many eyes on your show as possible, after all! Make sure your posters are easily visible at your business partners’ locations. 

Get Your Cast and Crew Involved

The last way to get more tickets sold, and thus more revenue in your pocket, is by utilizing your hardworking cast and crew. A few ways to do this include:

  • Hold a ticket sales contest A last-minute ticket sales contest will likely boost morale and, additionally, get a broader range of people at your show. Don’t be afraid to tap your colleagues, cast, and crew to get more tickets sold. 
  • Offer rewards – Incentivize ticket sales for your cast and crew. Collectively agree on a prize and watch how rewards can motivate your people!

Enter On The Stage

If you feel like you need a little extra help getting more tickets sold, On The Stage can help. From theatre productions, concerts, and dance recitals to galas, sporting events, camps, classes, and conferences, you can give your patrons a world-class experience starting with their first interaction: finding and purchasing tickets.

OTS offers a suite of marketing and promotional tools for both digital and print that help generate awareness of your organization and spread the word about your upcoming shows. OTS makes increasing your ticket sales simple with built-in best practices and turnkey technology.

If you’re hoping to deliver a world-class ticket buying experience that is convenient for your patrons and effective for your theatre, book a personalized demo with On The Stage today.


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