Ahh, the sweet sound of summertime. While you may look at this reprieve as a time for rest and relaxation, you can also use it to bolster your theatre program. How? By hosting theatre camps, of course! If you’re not sure where to start, we offer a variety of reasons why theatre camp can change your organization, and how, exactly, to jumpstart that change. 

How Theatre Camp Can Change Your Organization 

Theatre camps provide myriad benefits to your theatre and to the community as a whole. Below are just a few. 

Theatre camp can greatly increases your revenue.

As a theatre-maker, you’re likely always on the hunt for ways to pad your organization’s bottom line. Theatre camps are a great way to do so. By creating a day camp and charging for your services, you’re creating more funds for a litany of things – like better props and costumes for your next production; theatre upgrades; faster ticketing technology, and so much more. 

To earn/save even more money during theatre camp, consider:

  • Recruiting students, community partners, and parents to help as volunteers.
  • Utilizing already-owned props, costumes, and set pieces for your camper production.
  • Scheduling your days around meal times to avoid providing more than one spread per day, or encourage campers to bring snacks.

It presents new marketing opportunities.

Hosting a theatre camp will undoubtedly raise awareness of your program, which lends itself to new, exciting marketing opportunities

A few ways to harness that momentum is by:

  • Creating flyers and reaching out to area schools to spread the word about your camp.
  • Utilizing custom social media campaigns that target students/youngsters. Consider creating dynamic videos with performance snippets to entice more campers. 
  • Hosting a rehearsal viewing, conference, workshop or tour prior to camp to build interest. 
  • Pushing your theatre website as an online registration hub. 

New audiences means new avenues for fundraising. 

Hosting a theatre camp for the community means you’re able to reach out to patrons and tap them for donations. And it’s all for good reason – trying to make this camp the best it can be! 

Fundraising/donor interaction ideas include: 

  • Creating personalized messages for top patrons/donors, urging them to donate funds for your camp. Let them know exactly where that money will be going, and think about where each patron would want the funds to go before messaging them. 
  • Creating a  ‘camp wishlist’ and sending it out to donors. It should include tech, costumes, props, or other goodies that will help improve the camp – and your program as a whole.
  • Organizing camp-specific fundraisers, like car washes or bake sales, and utilizing those funds for the future of your organization. 

Theatre camps introduce you to new talent.

The star of your next production may be enrolled in your camp, you just don’t know it yet! Hosting theatre camps gives you an excellent opportunity to scout talent that could move your next show from good to great. 

Ways to recruit new talent include:

  • Reaching out to feeder schools prior to camp enrollment to gauge and raise interest. 
  • Reaching out to area creatives for leads on interested campers/talented folks. 
  • Purchasing targeted social media ads that will reach your desired demographic.  

They give you great chances to develop community partnerships. 

Creating programming for your community gives you the opportunity to reach out to area businesses, creatives, and leaders who can help you reach your goals. 

A few people/places to tap include:

  • Other theatres/creative agencies, who can lend you props, or donate time and guidance. 
  • Restaurants in the area who can partner with you to provide meals for your campers.
  • City/town publications, radio stations, and news stations, which can spread the word on your camp and organization. 

It will teach you valuable lessons.

Hosting your own camp will come with its own obstacles, but those hurdles will only help you and your staff to become better, more well-rounded theatre-makers and leaders.

Hosting a summer camp will help you and your theatre staffers with:

  • Creative problem solving
  • Marketing 
  • Organization and time management
  • Stress management 
  • Leadership 
  • Patience 

Summer camps enriches the community as a whole.

Just as a summer camp will help you and your theatre to become better, it will also influence the campers and community in the same way. 

A few benefits that campers can glean from camp include: 

  • Social skills development
  • Teamwork 
  • Communication
  • Confidence 
  • Responsibility
  • Resourcefulness
  • Resilience
  • Fairness
  • Trustworthiness

By creating more well-rounded campers, you’re in turn bettering the community.

Enter on the Stage

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