Social media is arguably the greatest invention of the last 25 or so years. It allows us to connect, form communities, share opinions, and generate business revenue. Regarding your theatre, there are hundreds of ways to harness social media to generate organic traffic, leading to greater engagement, more tickets sold, and stronger brand awareness.

On The Stage explores a few of the proven social media strategies you should enact for your theatre marketing. 

10 Social Media Strategies to Try 

Personalize Your Social Media Content

If you look at the social media accounts with the most success and highest engagement, odds are you’ll see a lot of personalized content. This means the brand, influencer, or creator has endeared themselves to their audiences and formed connections by sharing real-life happenings. So, ensure you’re not posting essential, run-of-the-mill content (like stock photos or basic still shots) that doesn’t showcase your theatre, its mission, and its excellent employees. Instead, ensure every post has a purpose and is an intimate look at all your theatre offers. 

Focus on Branding

When you think about some of the world’s most prominent brands, their logos, materials, merchandise, and content immediately pop up, right? This should also be a goal for your theatre: proper brand awareness.

You must keep your design and branding consistent across all social media marketing materials. That’s not to say you should be posting the same content repeatedly. Ensure you have a recognizable theme and style that will increase brand recognition. After all, if your followers are quickly scrolling through their platforms, they’re most likely to stop if they stop, focus, and buy something familiar. 

Incorporate Video

At the dawn of social media, singular photos were all the rage. And they can still be incredibly dynamic ways to entice your social media followers and create buzz for your theatre. As attention spans wane even further, ensure you’re cultivating video content for your social media platforms. 

Motion, in any form, draws the eye more so than a still photo. Even better than movement alone is a movement with music – so hop on a new social media trend, overlay the video with a popular song right now, and see the engagement numbers rise! 

Cross-Promote Across Various Platforms 

The beauty of social media is that there are so many options! Ensure you promote your content on all platforms – from Facebook and Instagram to X and TikTok. Ideally, your system should sync with all your social media platforms for a seamless promotional experience. (Psst – On The Stage does this!)

Pro Tip: Most social media platforms have different requirements for dimensions, time limits, and file sizes. Make sure you’re creating content that will generate numbers across various platforms instead of just one and that you’re hitting all the requirements for each.

Get Your Cast & Crew Involved 

As mentioned before, personalized content is the key to social media success. That said, make sure you are getting the heart and soul of your theatre – your people! – in your content.

Whether you’re offering your followers behind-the-scenes rehearsal content, in-depth interviews, tips and tricks for theatre beginners, or even quick videos with cast members discussing why patrons should see the show, make sure you’re creating reels that showcase the personalities of your people. 

Get To Taggin’ 

While this one requires some work, tagging relevant accounts in your content is a great way to expand your reach and get more eyes on it. 

Tag other theatres in your area, along with the original directors, producers, or cast members of the show you’re doing, members of your production team, community partners, influencers, business sponsors, and anyone else whose existing followers may be interested in your content. If any of the above businesses or people engage with your content and share it, you’re automatically exposed to new audiences. (Just make sure you’re not spamming folks who don’t want the extra notifications!) 

Appeal to Different Demographics 

Appealing to various generations can make curating your content a bit more complex. That said, it will make a significant difference in your engagement numbers.

Do research and consult the data about your theatre’s ticket buyer demographics. What ages tend to buy tickets to your shows, and which do you need to target more directly? No matter the answer, make sure you’re creating content that appeals to the type of ticket buyer you want to grab. 

Example: Short-form digital content on TikTok will be excellent for engaging Gen Z, while Gen X and Baby Boomers staunchly stay on Facebook and Instagram.

Utilize Hashtags

Some may say they’re cringy, but hashtags are an incredibly effective way for theatres to expand their reach on social media.  

You’ll need to research hashtags related to your current production or theatre in general. Which of those hashtags have the most posts and engagement? You can also use generalized tags that are trending to ensure more eyes get on your work and geographic tags to confirm you’re targeting people who can actually attend your shows. 

Pro Tip: Keep the hashtags to a minimum. If you have three or four lines of them at the bottom of a post, it will start looking like spam. Cue the scroll away! 

Boost Social Media Posts

Sometimes, organic social media marketing just isn’t enough. Indeed, we live in a very saturated market where every brand wants to stand out. This is where boosting key posts can help extend the reach of your posts and reach a wider – but still relevant – audience. 

Choosing the right posts to boost is key—make sure they are engaging, informative, dynamic, and as short as possible. The best thing about sponsoring posts is that you can later analyze specific posts’ insights and analytics, which can further improve your marketing efforts in the future. 

Engage with Followers

Social media brands with active followings often engage with their followers. This means responding to comments and direct messages in a timely manner, liking comments on their posts, commenting on other people’s posts, and even reposting user-generated content that promotes their brand. 

Engaging with followers creates a bond with them, which in turn creates brand loyalty

How On The Stage Can Help

Social media is a wild and wonderful place, but it can often get too technical and complicated without some help. If you’re looking for a partner in your theatre’s social media journey, look no further than On The Stage (OTS).

OTS offers a full suite of social media capabilities, with expertise in everything from TikTok to Facebook, Instagram, and X. With the end goal to drive more organic traffic to your show site, increase your ticket sales, strengthen your brand awareness, raise engagement, and curate more meaningful relationships with your patrons, OTS social media capabilities will help your theatre thrive for years to come.

If you’re ready to take the next step, book a personalized demo with OTS today.

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