Season ticket subscriptions can often make or break your theatre – after all, they provide a consistent and reliable stream of income to your organization, ensuring you have the resources needed to elevate the experience for everyone. Marketing season ticket subscriptions to theatre enthusiasts isn’t as intimidating as it may seem; On The Stage offers a few strategies to get you started. 

9 Strategies for Selling Season Tickets

Know Your Audience 

The first step in selling season tickets to your audience is, well, knowing your audience! Utilize data research, patron surveys, previous performance reports, and marketing analytics to better understand the people who come to your shows. Try to identify patterns, common attributes, behavior consistencies, and other trends through this data.

The more you know about your ticket buyers, the better you engage with them – making the concept of season tickets more tempting. Consider tailoring your shows to your key demographics as well, as this will make season subscriptions boom. 

Appoint a Patron Relations Manager 

Theatre enthusiasts want to be recognized and appreciated – so why not appoint someone within your organization to be the patron relations manager?

This person’s job should be to observe, improve, and expand audience offerings and strengthen relationships between your theatre and your patrons. By creating more personal relationships with your audience members, you’re more likely to garner larger season subscription numbers. 

Offer Perks for Season Ticket Holders

Incentivize purchasing season tickets; if there are no rewards, patrons will not see the benefits of securing their seats for the entire season up front. A few ideas for season ticket holders perks include: 

  • Access to the best seats in the house
  • Cheaper bulk pricing or discounted rates 
  • Food or drink vouchers or discounts 
  • Exclusive merchandise packages 
  • Marketing/PR shoutouts on social media or in your show program 
  • Parking passes or discounts 
  • VIP pre- or post-show activities
  • Subscriber-only events and offerings

Get creative with the unique perks you can offer subscribers, and be sure you’re considering options that do not reduce your revenue or require additional resources.

Create a Strong Email List

Cultivating a strong database for patron information is crucial to securing more season ticket subscriptions. Why? Because concise, consistent communication with patrons will keep them engaged and excited about your work. 

Work diligently to gather and organize patron contact information and send out regular newsletters, promotions, and informational messages to keep patrons in the know. 

Get Your Boots on the Ground

Marketing your season ticket subscriptions shouldn’t be limited to an entirely digital endeavor. Old-fashioned, face-to-face networking and traditional printed marketing tactics can also increase your subscription numbers. 

Make sure you’re pushing season ticket purchasing at any in-person events where you have face time with patrons. Whether these are fundraisers, talent shows, local festivals/programs, or school functions, be sure you’re making connections wherever you go. 

Ensure Your Ticketing Portal is Seamless 

Season tickets will be purchased more consistently and swiftly if you’ve streamlined your ticket-buying process – both in person and online, making sure the experience is optimized for mobile. It should be a breeze for patrons to register for season tickets, purchase flex passes, and learn more about your show and theatre – all in one fell swoop. 

Create A Sense of Urgency 

People are more likely to purchase something if they understand that 1. a good deal is ending soon, and 2. there is only a limited supply of what they want.

Through this creation of urgency, you’ll appeal to theatre enthusiasts who want to be in the know and get the very best deals. While promoting season ticket subscriptions, offer flash discounts or limited-time offers to make patrons want to jump on the opportunity now. Additionally, make these subscriptions seem scarce or exclusive – this will get the attention of influencers and high-influence community members. 

Reward Referrals 

We’re all more likely to visit a theatre if those in our social circles recommend it. You can use this concept to your advantage by leveraging offers or discounts to encourage referrals from your already-established season ticket holders. You also give the deal to the person referring, the person being referred, or both.

Offer More Than One Subscription Type

Offering flexibility is essential to appeal to a broader range of individuals and grow your subscriber base. Make sure that season ticket subscriptions are not just all or nothing. Offer Flex Packs that give your subscribers the option to pick and choose events and dates that work for them. Consider a “pick any” package that allows patrons to choose the events that hold the greatest interest, or bundles where certain dates/times are discounted. 

In short, flex passes provide another tool in your arsenal. Just ensure you’re using clear messaging in your descriptions to highlight the benefits of each plan. 

On The Stage

If you’re working on growing your season ticket subscription numbers, On The Stage (OTS) can help. With OTS’ Box Office Management software, you’ll be able to equip your front-of-house and box office team members with an all-in-one solution.

With OTS, you’ll be able to: 

  • Simplify ticket sales with flexible ticket types, promo codes, subscriptions/flex passes, printed and/or digital tickets, and more
  • Give your ticket buyers multiple options to pay online with a credit card and in person with cash, check, or credit car
  • Elevate your patron experience with accurate and customizable seating charts, ticket scanning, mobile-friendly e-tickets, and expedited entry times
  • Streamline your processes by managing all your box office needs in one consolidated portal

Partner with OTS today to increase ticket sales, sell more season subscriptions, and elevate your theatre program. To get started, book a personalized demo today.

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