Everyone has wanted to feel like a very important person (VIP) at one point or another. After all, having VIP experiences can transform an average memory into something extraordinary. 

If it’s true that most people are on the hunt for that exciting feeling, why not start curating these VIP experiences for your most loyal patrons? On The Stage explores why you should create VIP opportunities for your guests and a few tactics to get you started. 

Why Create VIP Experiences?

VIP experiences present a range of dual-sided benefits for your theatre and patrons. 

A Greater Sense of Loyalty

Perhaps the greatest benefit of creating VIP experiences for your guests is their renewed loyalty to your theatre. After all, if a business is rolling out the carpet for specific guests, they’ll be far more likely to stick around, attend more events, and even donate to your cause. 

In short, making deserved patrons feel special and appreciated will lead to stronger emotional connections and increased allegiance. 

Increase In Revenue 

By offering exclusive perks, rewards, and personalized experiences, you reward patrons for buying – and incentivize them to buy more! This lends itself to repeat purchases alongside a sustainable business model you can utilize for years. Repeat purchases = increased revenue. Hooray! 

Improved Patron Retention

The last thing you want to do is work to obtain a new crop of patrons for every performance you put on. Offering VIP experiences is a great way to rectify this issue because when patrons feel seen and appreciated, they are more likely to stick with your theatre rather than look elsewhere for entertainment offerings. 

The more personalized the experience, the closer a patron grows to your brand. And the closer they are, the less likely they’ll leave. Additionally, repeat patrons will be more likely to donate to your causes, so retaining them is critical to a stronger theatre business model. 

Deeper Understanding of Your VIP Patrons

By curating VIP experiences for your loyal patrons, you’ll be able to understand them better and help uncover the specific motivators that drive them to buy tickets and attend your events. With that data on hand to dive into your theatre’s demographics and customer segments, you can better tailor your shows to their interests. 

Higher Engagement 

Creating programs and experiences that reward a patron’s loyalty gives that patron a reason to engage more deeply and consistently with your theatre. This, in turn, helps with theatre awareness, loyalty, and sales, all in one fell swoop. 

An engaged patron is more likely to fill out surveys, follow you on your social media platforms, donate to your cause, and share your work with family and friends. 

Increased Community Awareness

Likewise, VIP experiences excite patrons and incentivize them to spread the word about your theatre. Even if they’re just talking about the perks you’ve given them, your theatre is still being mentioned. This leads to stronger community awareness of your theatre and will hopefully encourage more people to visit and see what you offer. 

Unique VIP Options to Consider

Premium VIP Bundles

Premium bundling is an excellent VIP option to consider. It is a great way to increase your average order value and help your patrons save money.

For specific patrons, consider implementing options where they can purchase a ticket, merchandise, pre-show drinks, and concessions, all at the point of purchase. While adding convenience to their lives, you encourage them to spend more money with your theatre. 


Suppose a patron has built a strong track record of attending your shows. Why not consider allowing them a bit more flexibility in their season ticket subscription or single-ticket show attendance? After all, a common complaint many patrons have against theatres is that there are no refunds or exchanges in case an emergency arises. 

Allow certain patrons some flexibility to switch an attendance date or swap out a ticket in their season ticket subscription. By giving them a little extra breathing room, you’re incentivizing the purchase of another season subscription come renewal time. 

Upgrades and Add-Ons 

Your VIP patrons should be able to upgrade their tickets and add extras that one-time ticket buyers cannot access. By presenting these enticing offers and upgrades at the point of purchase, you’re maximizing revenue while providing your VIP patrons with personalized options tailored to their preferences.

Upgrades and add-ons provide your theatre with endless possibilities to increase your Average Order Value, contribute to more revenue, and, just as importantly, create memorable experiences that will keep your patrons coming back time and time again.

Exclusive or Discounted Merchandise 

We’ve said it a million times: people love stuff! So why not offer your VIP patrons exclusive merchandise or merchandise at a discounted rate?

Either way, granting them easier and cheaper access to merchandise will incentivize them to buy it. Once they’ve purchased it, you’ll have walking billboards all around your community! 

Expanded Access

Most avid theatre lovers would kill for a chance at a backstage tour or early access to a theatre. Why not offer that option to your VIP patrons? 

Additionally, consider presenting the option of cast meet-and-greets, but only for returning patrons or season ticket holders. Allow them time to speak with cast members, take photos, and immerse themselves in the show’s set. This will create more buzz for the production and usher in more engagement via social media! 

How On The Stage Can Help

No matter the VIP experiences you’re trying to curate, On The Stage (OTS) can help elevate your theatre and its offerings. 

With OTS’s Revenue Accelerators, you can ensure the longevity of your program by increasing your revenue without increasing ticket prices.  

By utilizing OTS’s revenue accelerators, you can:

  • Make it easy for patrons to purchase with a seamless purchase journey optimized for mobile devices
  • Create additional revenue streams through custom fees, merchandise, offers, and upgrades
  • Target your patrons like a pro with filtered booking flows, patron relationship management tools that include custom fields, automatic tagging fed to MailChimp, Google Analytics, and Meta Pixel integration
  • Expand your reach with streaming and video-on-demand performance options
  • Optimized Booking to increase conversion rates and create a seamless purchasing experience for your ticket buyers with a mobile-first focus
  • Utilize add-ons that simultaneously create unforgettable experiences for your patrons while boosting your profits 

If you’re ready to take your theatre to the next level, book a personalized demo with OTS today. 

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